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Korea Regiment's Vietnamese KIAs

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  • Korea Regiment's Vietnamese KIAs

    An interesting aspect noted among some of the French units that served in Indochina is their listing of Vietnamese KIA's as their own. A welcome package from the 3rd Marine Para Infantry Regt some years ago included a history which listed the Vietnamese and Algerians killed in their ranks during those wars.

    The 'Regiment du Coree', or Korea Regimental web site does the same, as these links show. The 10 link list their Korean dead, while the 11 link lists those KIA as part of Mobile Group 100:

    Frankly, these French sites put our (SF) own sites to shame. We'd have to do some serious digging to find a list of our Vietnamese and Montagnard dead.
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    For those who can read French there's an interesting doc on Operation EGLANTINE and the ambush of GM100 on 24 June 1954 on this site:


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