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    I'm trying to gather up data about CEFEO losses in Indochina from December 1946 to February 1947. What I can get from French sources are below:

    According to a French official communique (which was published by newspaper on February 9th, 1947), the total French casualties in all Indochina from December 19th, 1946 up to that time were 1,855 men killed, wounded and missing.

    Hai Duong: the 6e RIC lost 14 KIAs and 32 WIAs while 3e REI lost 50 killed and wounded. Vietnamese sources claimed 22 other Frenchmen were captured at the Female School.

    Nam Dinh: 2/6e RIC lost a third of its original 450-man strength. Other units (3e REI, 23e RIC, SAS, etc...) lost at least 80 men in relieve efforts on January 6th and 9th, 1947.

    Hanoi: 50 KIAs and 150 WIAs from December 19th to 22nd, 1946. Plus at least 130 killed and wounded in some recorded seperate battles.

    Bac Ninh and Phu Lang Thuong areas: at least 24 killed and wounded of relieving forces.

    Hue: 2/23e RIC lost 27 KIAs and 150 WIAs. Not sure if they already included the casualties of relieving forces

    Vinh: about 30-40 men captured by Vietnamese.

    I have no information about other fronts. So I hope someone can help me with CEFEO casualties in fighting at:
    - Haiphong and RC5 areas.
    - Lang Son.
    - Da Nang.
    - Annam, Cochinchina, Laos and Cambodia...

    Thank you in advance!

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    Chiangshan, something to add to your list of statics, which I stumbled cross today. This is total French casualties in Indochina from the end of WWII up until 19 November 1946:

    cette date, (19 Nov 46) le CEFEO enregistrait dj des pertes hauteur de 3 500 hommes tus ou blesss dans un conflit encore larv depuis septembre 1945. In Gnral Yves GRAS, Histoire de la guerre dIndochine, Paris, 1979,
    Plon, page 155.

    "As of 19 November 1946, the French Far East Expeditionary Corps had already suffered some 3,500 killed or wounded in the conflict that had been developing since September 1945."

    I'll post more as I run across them.
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