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  • Test picture

    Let's see if I can do this...

    Anybody see anything unusual in the picture?
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    Not too good. How do I make it open with the thread and make it larger, too?


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      Try this


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        German helmet?


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          I See nothing!


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            Originally posted by Chippymick View Post

            I See nothing!
            Thanks for your grad photo. I believe the rest of the quote was" I know nothing!"
            "War is hell, but actual combat is a motherf#cker"
            - Col. David Hackworth


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              It seems that you are not the master of wit and repartee either.

              Let me give you some tips. Where that gag falls down, is in the logical disconnect between the two elements. The link between the picture and the put down is contradictory.

              Implicit in the “grad photo” gibe is the fact that I have indeed graduated from some form of institute of learning. Therefore your major premise is that I have graduated and therefore must know something.

              Your minor premise is that, “I know nothing”, which contradicts your major premise. See how it works?

              You’ve run into syllogistic difficulties perhaps because you’ve tried that little bit too hard. It has fallen flat because you’ve made an attempt at being a ‘clever dick’. It ended up not so much clever and weighted far more towards the dick end of the scale.

              This habit of contradiction you have developed really does need a bit more of your time and attention. Let me help by giving you another example.
              It is quite clear from your Avatar and other posts that you have made that you lay claim to service with MACV-SOG operating out of CCN from 1967 to 1969.

              Now consider the secrecy surrounding MACV- SOG. For most of the time you claim to have served with MACV SOG it came under the control of General William DePuy (SACSA) at the Pentagon. This was so that Westmoreland did not exceed his authority for operations outside South Vietnam and provided him with a veneer of deniability. It is a historical fact that the secrecy started at the very highest level.

              Even the Medal of Honor citations were sanitized to avoid mention of SOG and preserve its’ secrecy. You claim you were a contemporary of Colonel Bob Howard at CCN in 1968. Read his Medal of Honor citation you will see what I mean.

              The first hint at the existence of MACV-SOG was when the Pentagon Papers were leaked in 1971. The New York Times scored the scoop of scoops with that one.

              Even in 1981 when Roy Benavidez was belatedly awarded the MOH by Reagan, there was no mention of MACV-SOG or where the action really occurred. It was not until the 1990’s that MACV-SOGs real activities were revealed to the public.

              From this we see that:

              Major premise: DeltaOne was MACV-SOG
              Minor premise: MACV-SOG was a secret organization.

              Conclusion: DeltaOne’s activities are secret and private

              A conclusion that is repeated ad nauseum or alluded to indirectly on this forum constantly.

              So where is the contradiction, I hear you ask? It is here.

              In this tale you relate how you took a photojournalist named “Frenchy” on a MACV-SOG mission. There must have been more journalists involved in MACV-SOG missions because you speak of ‘nursemaiding’ others and at one stage, considered shooting them!

              Logically, there can only be three alternatives; either:

              A) Poor old ‘Frenchy’ and others missed out on the biggest scoop of the war, years ahead of the NYT.
              B) MACV-SOG was not secret
              C) You made up the story about “Frenchy” and your involvement with journalists.

              If you can just work a little harder on the contradiction habit, I am positive that we can have you telling jokes and walting on the internet with confidence in no time.

              Kind Regards



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                Ah, poor Tony. The premise is there are many things that you may graduate from that are not worthy of mention.

                Secondly - I need not read a NYT report to understand the whole situation.

                Thirdly - On the mention of the 'dick scale', you rank far worse than I. Even your selection of name - chippymick / chippydick = the same thing. Only you can make a joke on this site right? You are a joke. You are a grown man (maybe, maybe not) whose whole life evolves around this website and your want-to-be Vietnam War hero.
                I can sign off and be gone for a while because I don't need this site to fulfill my dream needs.

                Cite whatever crap you want. What will never change is who was there and who was not. I don't need a paper to know what I was doing for the late half of the sixties.

                I don't care if Boonie wants to delete this whole mess. It started because you can't take a joke, even if it was a little one. That being the case, not off the poor 'Aussie - sh!t I must be a funny man running down down other people.' You want to give it - then take it. It was a stupid picture that started this whole crap storm again. Now, dial up your posse and come attack me.
                "War is hell, but actual combat is a motherf#cker"
                - Col. David Hackworth


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                  CM & DO, you're both pissing into the wind...

                  Nobody likes to see 2 grown gents soaked in their own urine, so move along...

                  Yup, move along before you both get shipped out for awhile!

                  ACG Staff

                  On the Plains of Hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions who, at the dawn of victory, sat down to rest-and resting... died. Adlai E. Stevenson

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