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  • Looking for Quang Tri layout...

    Does anyone know of a map or drawing -- formal or hand drawn -- of the Quang Tri area circa 1969 that has enough detail to locate the relative positions of the various units located there? I'm looking for something that will help me locate where our USAF FACP -- started up in Dec '69 -- was located.

    I remember that the road we used to come into the base was just north of the Quang Tri air field. We drove over and along a stream to the site. I remember a water purification operation along the stream shortly before entering the Camp Red Devil area. We were told that we were located where the Marine motor pool had been before they were redeployed. I think there was a Ranger outfit just down the hill from us. Company C of the 75th? We used to go down there and drink beer in a little wooden hutch that had a surprisingly decent bar. Just across an open field from us was a huge suspended rubber bladder that the Army guys would take showers under.

    Does anyone have, or know of, any maps, drawings, sketches, etc. that show how the area was laid out and where the different units were located within it?

    Thanks in advance.

    Howard "Woody" Woodard
    Mar 11, 1969 - Apr 14, 1969 620th TCS, Monkey Mountain - "Panama"
    Apr 15, 1969 - Nov 29, 1969 Det. 1, 620th TCS, Dong Ha - "Waterboy"
    Nov 30, 1969 - Dec 14, 1969 619th TCS, Tan Son Nhut, AFD - "Paris"
    Dec 15, 1969 - Apr 17, 1970 Det. 3, 620th TCS, Quang Tri - "Pamper"
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    Hello Woody and welcome to ACG

    Maps of Quang Tri from that period are easy to find, unless you want one that has units locations on it. The Ranger company must have been Co P, 75th Ranger, the LRP unit of the 1st Brigade, 5th Infantry Division (Mech). One of our member (ricepaddydaddy) was at Camp Red Devil about the same time period as you I believe.


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      hello woody, welcome to ACG, hope this might be of help, regards, ray..


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        Thanks. Yes, I have found lots of maps of varying detail -- mostly from Ray's Map Room -- but have not found anything that shows the combat base outline and the unit positions within it.

        I saw that RicePaddyDaddy had been there at about the same time as I was -- in fact, he's the only one identified on your "Where we Were" map -- and I left him a message.

        I'm new to this board and wasn't sure which type of message to leave him, the visitor or private, so I left it as a visitor.

        As I said, I will be happy to get a partial hand sketch...

        Hoping he will see it and respond.

        Thanks to both of you...
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          Glad to be of help, Good luck with search Woody..


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            Yeah there's lots of good maps around but not with troop dispositions 1969 on them.
            This 1968 pic and a few 1968 battle maps are at-


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              Thanks. I'd be happy if someone who even vaguely remembers could take a shot at sketching it out. If they don't have a scanner I'd be happy to provide my fax number or a mailing address.

              Thanks for your response,

              Woody Woodard


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                Woody, here's a couple of maps (corrections are mine) I've found in the ORLLs for the 1st Bde, 5th Inf Div (Mech), they show the various AOs in Quang Tri Province. They won't be of much help though, as I understand you"re more interested in the immediate area around Quang Tri City and the layout of Camp Red Devil right?


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                  Woody, the words 'Quang Tri' are all over the net like bits of a jigsaw puzzle, i'll let you know when i come across useful-looking pieces as i surf around.
                  Here's one-



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                    This one from-

                    PAMPER Forward Air Control Post (FACP
                    Detachment 3, 620th TCS Quang Tri, Republic of Vietnam


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                      Guy here was based at Quang Tri, Dec 15th 1969-

                      He's on Facebook about halfway down this page-


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                        That's me. Looks like I've come full circle.


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                          Ha ha! Guess who's at this place too-



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                            Yep, me again...

                            I'm betting that the person who took the picture looking out from Pamper and down the Camp Red Devil Road could provide me exactly what I'm looking for. I'm gonna see if the site owner can help me get in contact with whoever contributed the photo, or at least put together the 75th gallery.

                            Can't hurt to try...


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                              FROM-[email protected]/2141217371/


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