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M67 and M18A1 Lessons Learned

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    my question to you Russell is"why would you throw frags when you had claymores pre-setup.Why'd you let the enemy get past them?I got a lot of satisfaction knowing that the last word an NVA ever heard on this earth was"claymore"as I shouted the warning at detonation.Funny what you remember,2/502nd Grunt.
    The history addict asked me,"Where did you fought?"
    Me...Damn..."I'm not sure."


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      Funny Hankwill...I really dont know how to answer that one in the heat of the moment and hard on my 50 year memory... Lets just say I dint make the same mistake TWICE.....and in some instances the words “Frag Out” came out of my mouth....sometimes it didn’t...and dont really remember hollering “Claymore”.....that particular night was an all nighter in mid August 1970....and the dinks took the hit...had us surrounded but they made 3 attempts and Im still here to talk about it.... lesson learned


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        I have nothing but the upmost Respect for you Russell,and all of us here are happy that your still here to talk about it.Many of us who fought that fight are still second guessing ourselves,50 years later,nothing new brother. God Bless you and yours.
        The history addict asked me,"Where did you fought?"
        Me...Damn..."I'm not sure."


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          Thx Jerry... For those that never had the privilege of earning a CIB and reliving a tour in Northern I-Corp daily for 70 years....this is prolly hard to comprehend to a big portion of our last days in the bush was up in your old stomping grounds...(believe me NOT my choice) first part of 1971 my battalion was being rucked up with full 5 day supply of C’s n ammo with Shithooks lined up ready to take us to OZ... little did I know as they dragged my ass to the Shithook that we were heading to Khe Sanh....after ten months on and off point I dint need this...we landed on your abandoned airstrip an hour or so later....staging area with slicks lined up everywhere.....Lam Son 719 was the event...(continued)


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            On the hueys we went and inserted into hills surrounding the air base....we were part of a blocking force for the ARVNs along the Laotian border....butt pucker #?....when the Marines left.....they left a lot of pissed off NVA.....From what I gather the ARVNs got an ass kickin.......getting back to what I wanna tell ya....first two nights we set up our NDP and at my position and foxhole I was asked “whos got first watch?” I said “Sack out I’ll stand the watch!!!” At this point in time there was NO sleep for me after dark....catnaps for me during daylight hours...after several hours of staring into darkness and 1 or 2 in morning..I heard sticks breaking to my front....OR in my mind there were....”Frag Out”......Bah Wooooooom!!!! Seconds later the platoon sgt was Whats going on?.....I could hear dicks down there Sarge....ANYWAY....100 per cent guard for ALL since I gave away our position (continues)


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              Next night we set up NDP and same question at foxhole came up.....”Sack out guys I’ll take the shift... well wouldnt you know it...early morning hours they were back!!! I could hear em again.... A claymore was my response this time...the explosion echoed for miles it seemed...seconds later...yep platoon sgt...What the f..k!!!!! 100 percent night #2........all I can say is frags n claymores prolly saved my life....for the next few nights afterward I stayed with the Lt. platoon sgt and rto in the CP....wouldn’t let me stay in a position no more....within a week or so we were back on a firebase when my orders came....get the hell out of here and GO HOME!!!!! My toured ended in 11 months I was back at Akron-Canton airport in two weeks and harassing the hippies at Kent State University or vice versa.... anyway doorgunner Jeff prolly said it best


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                “All valid lessons learned I am sure. Sadly lessons are usually learned by experience, which at times is not always good”.....2/502nd Grunt 69-71


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                  Nuthin' wrong wid a little overkill..... . to youse guys...
                  ARRRR! International Talk Like A Pirate Day - September 19th
                  IN MARE IN COELO


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                    Dear Grunt, this is how I traverse this place called"Armchair General".
                    If I read a post and think it a purposeful falsehood,I will post what I know as the real truth of the matter,then I'm gone,I cut out most the time.
                    If I read a post asking a frank,sincere question that I know the answer,I post and cut out.
                    Anyway Russ(that's what I'd of called you back in the day,back in the fighting hole)What I'm trying to say Russ is I did not read the answer to the question I asked you and since we,you and I are brothers I donot feel the need to say to you"I'm sorry"but I will admit that I'm a bit of an A$$ hole cause what use to work not working anymore.
                    As I read your answer to my question about our common piece of hell intense fear,overwhelming terror descent,again into my soul.
                    bad,bad,Bad. time to cut and run
                    Then a revelation hit me hard.
                    Now are you ready for this Russ???

                    "Come on Down Grunt Russ,your on "The Forum Home of:Armchair General"and you have won everything,all.(ofcorse all applicable tax must be paid for by y.o.u. all)

                    You see our forumhome is chuck-full of Generals all with(brackets)chuckfull of reputation.Now whats that remind you of Russ,I know what it reminds me of. Onward and down.
                    And a Shitload of these 5 star Generals claim to come to the forum as"historians"seeking the truth or what they judge to be"the truth"
                    Ya Russ The Real Lets MakeDeal truth about"THE NAM"
                    And Grunt Russ you are the winner.You graciously given them so much more than they seek,ofcorse you are still answerable for all taxes,it's the law<
                    Here's your prize Russ
                    All the reputation that the 5Star guys who vaule what you given to them.
                    They can keep their Stars,I know for sure you have no use for them
                    And last the Generals get to keep their armchairs,as long as Grunt Russ pays the tax.

                    Got to go Russ,almost time for church and I'm assist squadleader to three grand brats so i'll end this"Medication Valse with this my beloved brother.
                    You make my spirit shine but your remembrance of our hell scare the crap outa me.

                    Semper Fi

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                    The history addict asked me,"Where did you fought?"
                    Me...Damn..."I'm not sure."


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