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The use of landmines in the Vietnam War

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  • The use of landmines in the Vietnam War

    Does anyone have personal experience that they're interested to talk about, or interesting knowledge to share about North Vietnamese / Viet Cong use of landmines? How did it affect the morale of U.S. troops fighting there? Did it have an effect on tactics?

    I am developing a website about the Vietnam War and have tried to write a piece about this ( ), but wasn't able to find much useful information.

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    From what I've seen used in 66-67 were mostly improvised by the VC from whatever they might find lying about. Most common were command detonated mines made from dud artillery rounds. An APC that drove over one was cut in two. Others could be as simple as a 50cal round placed in a bamboo tube buried in the ground where stepping on it would press the round against a nail setting it off.

    Mines, both command detonated and fused were a constant hazards on the roads and trails with all major roads having to be cleared each morning before they could be used.
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      The story of Australia's disastrous barrier minefield which provided the VC with a massive supply of M16 bounding apers mines.


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