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Vietnam pictorial

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  • Vietnam pictorial

    Here's an excellent website of pics from famed combat photographer Tim Page.

    The Vietnam War
    Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

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    Vietnam pictorial

    Fantastic photo spread Jim!!, and quite gruesome. BTW, did you happen to notice that the one black infantryman had a necklace with a swastika? Most curious, don't you think?

    When I see photos such as these, I am so happy I did not go to Vietnam - though I certainly would have done, if I had been old enough. Sometimes I find myself thinking, (foolishly, no doubt) that I had experienced combat. Probably a man thing. Even during the Gulf War, I was exposed to very little danger. Though I made daily trips up to the front line units, even if firing was happening, I really didn't feeel that I was in combat. After all, I got to leave (the longest I ever spent at any given unit was about 4 to 5 hours). When all was done, I went back to my comfy, air-conditioned command center, with real food, Coke, all the water I wanted, and a bed that wasn't subject to blazing sun, blowing sands, and numerous desert pests. On more than one occasion, I took orders from Soldiers and Marines, and brought their items back the next time I returned to their unit. I really felt bad about living as I did while they were basically living in the pit of hell. I half jokingly told my boss one time that I was going to sleep outside so that I had an idea of what they were experiencing. He looked at me and said that if I did, he'd have me on the plane to Germany for a psych eval.
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      Just working my way through the pictures now, but this one: awesome!

      Would it be terribly innapropriate to say that this would make a great desktop background on my PC?


      Dr. S.
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        Not at all Doc. I myself chose 23 to add to my Vietnam wallpaper collection. As long as you don't put them up at any public place or try to take credit for them, you're good to go.
        Stay Alert, Stay Alive!


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          Guys - if you are interested in Vietnam wait till you see our 4th issue... out in August. We have some really special Vietnam stuff planned for ya'll.
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            amazing site!

            loved the site learned a few stats like that vc booby traps acounted for 10% of all us troops killed. never knew that before plus loads of other stuff.also i must say i have a very deep respect for veit vets you guys served your time in hell and reseived little regard from many people. i know its an under statement but thank you


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              I have seen thousands of photos from the Vietnam War. The photos selection and presentation was superb. Thanks for link. It really shows war for what a war is. War is about people.


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