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  • Just Had To Share This One

    Picture I stole from my BlackLions Forum - Just had to share it here

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    "The Citizen Soldier". Outstanding!
    My Avatar: Ivan W. Henderson Gunner/navigator B-25-26. 117 combat missions. Both Theaters. 11 confirmed kills. DSC.


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      There is Nui Ba Ra Mt at Song Be.
      We owned the top and a lot of the bottom. Charlie owned the rest.
      The 1st cav had a small relay site at the top we used sometimes.
      Below the summit they had hacked out a small pad that "hooks"
      backed into.
      Just enough rear clearance for the back rotor.
      Scary and fascinating to watch.
      The youngsters flying thes things are special people.


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        Reminds me of the tiny landing pad the Marines had built on top of the Rockpile south of the DMZ (just a few wooden planks to allow the UH-34s to land a single wheel)


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          Always nice to see a skilled pilot at work.
          Those that forget history are condemed to repeat it.
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            A truly an awesome sight!

            "The Golden Rule of War, Speed - Simplicity - Boldness" -- General George S. Patton, Jr


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