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Remains from Vietnam War identified

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  • Remains from Vietnam War identified

    PHOENIX (AP) - The remains of 2 Air Force pilots who were shot down during the Vietnam War have been recovered from a mountainous region of Vietnam.

    One was a Phoenix-area resident, Captain Johnnie Cornelius, who's now buried in Texas.

    The Defense Department says Cornelius and Major Robert Woods of Salt Lake City were on a reconnaissance mission when their O-2A Skymaster crashed June 26th, 1968.

    Search teams began surveying the site in Quang Binh Province 20 years later.

    The government says two former North Vietnamese soldiers recalled the crash during interviews in 2006. In 2007, more human remain were recovered.

    DNA and dental records helped confirm the identities.

    The Pentagon says Cornelius was buried with full military honors on November 10th in Moore, Texas


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    Good for these men. I pray that this brought some peace to their loved ones and friends. Welcome home guys. We salute you.
    "If you are right, then you are right even if everyone says you are wrong. If you are wrong then you are wrong even if everyone says you are right." William Penn.


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      Amen to that TB.
      Keep up the great recovery efforts.
      "War is hell, but actual combat is a motherf#cker"
      - Col. David Hackworth


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        God bless and welcome home!


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          That's good to hear.

          A few years ago, I was a grad student at Chaminade University and had the opportunity to do some training at, what was then, CILHI on Hickam AFB. They were one of the leaders in the recovery and identification of remains. The techniques that they used were done in such minute detail and required an incredible dedication to duty to bring these men home.

          When I was there, they were also working on a soldier from the War of 1812, a B-26 that went down in New Guinea, another bomber that went down in the water off Tunisia, and the USS Monitor.


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