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Vietnam Vet Turned Elementary Counselor Receives Bronze Star

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  • Vietnam Vet Turned Elementary Counselor Receives Bronze Star

    Posted: Nov 13, 2007 10:58 PM
    Updated: Nov 14, 2007 12:21 AM

    A sea of saluting students greeted the counselor Eastlawn Elementary affectionately calls "Mr. E" Tuesday morning, for the biggest surprise of his life.

    "I didn't know what to think, I looked up at the stage, and I saw two people in uniform. That triggered me," Benjamin "Mr. E" Esquibel said.

    And that's when the tears came; emotions that have accumulated for more than 30 years, since Mr. E was awarded the Bronze Star for his service in Vietnam. As this long awaited award was finally pinned, Mr. E wasn't thinking about his own service. His tears were for soldiers left behind.

    "They went to Vietnam the same time I did, but they never made it back. I think about them," Mr. E. said.

    Mr. E traded in his Army combat boots decades ago. Because today, these students know him as someone who chooses to fight bullying and bad grades instead.

    "He listens, and if you have a problem, he'll fix it for you. He's one of a kind," fifth grader Eliza Olson said.

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    if you have a problem, he'll fix it for you. He's one of a kind
    Well, ideally that's how you get a Bronze Star. I love these good news stories and this is a good one.
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          We have heard a few of these things lately. I certainly hope that these men are receiving these decorations more because they deserve them than for political reasons.

          I just don't trust politics.


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            It's good to know that there are still heroes around.
            "If you are right, then you are right even if everyone says you are wrong. If you are wrong then you are wrong even if everyone says you are right." William Penn.


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              The recent cases that have resulted in medals for actions back in Vietnam only highlights to me, the political situation we faced at the time. An unpopular war where the heroic actions were ignored. On the other hand, recording keeping was lacking then. But I think it was for many years, no one wanted to be reminded of the war. It was a hard time and definitely not the correct action.

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