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Does anyone know Walter St Armour?

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  • Does anyone know Walter St Armour?

    He was SF and retired around 75....did a couple of tours in Vietnam. Trying to find someone who was with him or knew him?

    please reply to [email protected]


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    Do you know which years and where?

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      try the SFA with all the info you got.

      If they have anything they will contact HIM and he might respond.

      I belong to a closed SF only board that researches this stuff.

      If you PM me any details you have I can run it through our net.
      There are a couple more resources.

      Be advised that 95% claiming SF are poseurs or straphangers.

      No offense, but them's the facts.


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        Walter St Armour

        Sorry its been a while since I been on here. Walter St Armour is my grandfather who has since passed. Lived in Hope Mills for many years. He may have been many things but a poser was not one of

        He was SF and that's for sure. Pleiku at some point.

        Still trying to find someone who may have served with him.

        My email has changed and its not letting me add my new email to the body of this post so....

        Ill just keep checking this website for responses.



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          [email protected]

          If you knew Walt St Armour send me an email please thanks



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            Tried to send this in a PM but wouldn't let me cause I don't have enough posts....."Sorry it has been a long time since I have checked this forum....I am still very interested in finding info out about my Grampa. He has since passed.

            I got a picture of him right here on my desk at work of him standing next to John wayne in , I believe, pleiku. Green Beret and big old master blaster wings and a 5th group flash.

            thanks for any help you can provide. He very rarely, if ever, talked about Vietnam."



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              If he was in Pleiku in June 1968, I'll guess he was in the C Team (B Company) of the 5th SFG when he received his 1st Oak Leaf Cluster to the Bronze Star Medal as a Master Sergeant. I was across the street in the MIKE Force and don't remember him from there. Since he got that BSM in June, I presume he was at the end of his tour. There should have been more than a few retired SF types living in Hope Mills. Jim Blair comes to mind, and being an SFC E-7 at that same time, he may have known your Grand-dad.

              ps, treasure that photo of your Grand-dad standing next to John Wayne, and remember always that it's a real man standing next to a wannabe. In his dream of dreams, John Wayne wanted to be just like your Grand-dad.

              Good luck.
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                I found this page from a Ft. Hood newspaper dated Oct 1959 with an article on SFC Walter St. Armour being named Soldier of the Month for Combat Command C of the 2nd Armored Div.


                Article says he served in the Marines for 9 years before changing to the Army.


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                  Hey, great catch, NoPref. With that background he must have been a helluva fine soldier. Marine, Mech infantry, tanks, and finally Special Forces. I went through jump school and into SF training group with an SFC E-7 named Anspach whose name is on the Wall. You didn't get too many E-7s in SF Training Group.
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