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Vietnamese psychic helps find soldiers' remains

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  • Vietnamese psychic helps find soldiers' remains

    Hanoi, Aug 16 (Xinhua) A mass grave of Vietnamese soldiers who are believed to have died in 1968 during the war against the US was recently found in central Vietnam with the help of a local psychic.

    After weeklong excavations in central Quang Ngai province, authorities found one grave with two sets of remains and another with 40-45 sets of remains, local newspaper Vietnam News reported Thursday.

    A map of the grave's location in the province's Quang Ngai city was drawn by psychic Nguyen Khac Bay from Hanoi. It showed two graves located 20 metres from each other.

    All the remains are believed to belong to soldiers from Battalion 406, which lost 192 soldiers during the fierce fighting. The remains of 68 soldiers from the battalion had been found earlier.

    Not sure about the Psychic's true powers but this story is interesting. Tens of thousands (perhaps hundreds of thousands) of VC/NVA soldiers remain unaccounted for to this day and there must be a lot of those mass graves yet to be found, it was common practice for allied troops to bury enemy KIAs in such graves after policing up the battlefield and doing the bodycount.

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    In a country where many people believe in spirits and ghosts, consult fortune tellers before making important decisions and make offerings routinely to their ancestors I see no reason why they wouldn't try this. It would be the cultural thing to do.

    I myself engage in such animistic and spiritual activities and think they are important for cultural reasons. Whether I believe in Psychic powers is another thing entirely, but I can see how such a thing might be utilized in VN.
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      The VC/NVA placed supreme importance on retrieval of their dead.
      They often failed, but worked hard at it.

      They would bury them and record the location and leave a list in a bottle or container.

      These were found sometimes and I don't know what they did with them.

      My camp was overrun before I got there and they stuffed about 40 of them down an old well.

      Our CIDG usually disfigured enemy dead before leaving them, shooting their eyes out, cutting them, etc.


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        Fortune tellers and palm readers seemed to be the largest industry while I was over there. I didn't believe their tripe then and don't now. The guy paid someone for information and then made a big deal out of it just "coming" to him in some manner.
        "If you are right, then you are right even if everyone says you are wrong. If you are wrong then you are wrong even if everyone says you are right." William Penn.


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