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The Naming of Camp Enari

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  • The Naming of Camp Enari

    Found this interesting story on the site of the 1st Battalion, 22d Infantry, it's about the naming of Camp Enari, the main base of the 4th Infantry Division in Vietnam located at Dragon Mountain south of Pleiku. Sometimes fate works in mysterious ways:

    As Colonel Jud Miller, commanding officer of the Second Brigade of the 4th Infantry Division, completed preparations for leading his brigade from Fort Lewis, Washington to Vietnam, Major General Arthur Collins, Division Commander, called him to his headquarters to wish him luck and give him final instructions. Among other things, Colonel Miller was to establish the base camp which the division would occupy when they arrived later in the year.

    "Jud, I want you to name the base camp after the first GI killed by hostile fire after you get to Vietnam. That would be a fitting tribute to a brave soldier", said General Collins in his parting instruction as Colonel Miller left on that day in July, 1966 to board the plane taking the advance party to the division's new home south of Pleiku, Vietnam.

    On September 3, 1966, while operating on a search and destroy mission as a member of Charlie Company, First Battalion, 22nd Infantry regiment, PFC Albert Collins became the first Ivy Division soldier killed in action when he was cut down by heavy fire from a Vietcong unit.

    Knowing that General Collins would not want it to be perceived that the base camp was named after him, Colonel Miller sent a back channel message to General Collins at Fort Lewis explaining his proposed alternative plan for naming the base camp. "Since the first enlisted man killed in action was named Collins, I recommend we name the base camp after the first officer killed in action." General Collins agreed with Colonel Miller's recommendation.

    On November 5, 1966, while participating in Operation Paul Revere IV with Alpha Company, First battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, Lieutenant Richard Collins, graduate of the West Point class of 1965, became the first Ivy Division officer killed in Vietnam when he was shot by a dug in North Vietnamese force. By now, General Collins had arrived in Vietnam and discussed the dilemna with Colonel Miller. "We'll name the base camp after the first posthumous recipient of the Silver Star, regardless of his name or rank," was the agreed to plan.

    Lieutenant Mark Enari had worked on the Second Brigade staff and was constantly prodding Colonel Miller to let him go to a line company to lead a rifle platoon. As a replacement was needed in the First Battalion, 12th Infantry regiment, Lieutenant Mark N. Enari earned the Silver Star while fighting the North Vietnamese regulars during Operation Paul Revere IV in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Lt. Enari died as a result of the wounds he received during that battle.

    Early in 1967, the Fourth Infantry Division's base camp, sitting at the foot of Dragon Mountain in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, was named Camp Enari in honor of Lieutenant Mark Enari and retained that name as long as American forces were in Vietnam.

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    sad but fitting way to name a basecamp ..
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