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  • Welcome to ACG Keith I'm sure you'll have plenty to discuss with John aka Half Pint


    • Originally posted by DucPho71 View Post
      I was with the 327th ATC in 1971 before they pulled out.
      Tower operator. Ted trained me in tower operations when I
      first got in country. I recognize him in the photo. That picture
      of our compound is amazing. I remember it just like that. Really
      brought back some memories. If you see his Ted, what's up dude?


      Ted is not present but alive and well in NW Ohio. I got the pic from him per e-mail. he was/is a great guy.

      Tell me more per PM if you wish. I was Twr Chief at Bronco from July 69 - July 70. If you were there in 71 I would like to hear the story about the close out and what happened to our civilian Mama Sans and Papasans. Are you a member of the USAACTA site at Yahoo Geo Cities? That is were I bumped into Ted D again.

      Nice to see you here. Welcome


      Thanks for the heads up Boonie
      "Ask not what your country can do for you"

      Left wing, Right Wing same bird that they are killing.

      you’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.


      • .

        Yes, for even in this new 21st Century of ours,

        They are still soldiers:

        Signed: "ALOHA RONNIE" Guyer / Veteran-"WE WERE SOLDIERS" Battle of IA DRANG-1965, LZ Falcon


        • Cobra at Sundown, Hill 180, Phu Bai, 1970

          (Photo: Unknown)


          • Great picture of an heavily armed UH-1C gunship. No indications of date or place but it belonged to the "Mavericks" of the 175th Assault Helicopter Company which was based at Vinh Long in the Mekong Delta.


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              • Pic not showing for me Miss S .


                • Originally posted by dgfred View Post
                  Pic not showing for me Miss S .
                  I still see it, and it is also posted in my profile visitor messages.

                  Well, I went ahead and uploaded the image into my gallery at RVN and linked to it. So it should be fine no matter what now.
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                  • See it just fine now, thanks .


                    • Lirelou sent me this great series of pics taken by one of his fellow team mates, 1LT Bill Phalen from Det A-502, 5th SFG (Abn), during the ROK 9th Infantry Division's Operation DONG BO in the mountains west of Nha Trang (legends by lirelou):

                      Two privates of ROK 9th Division on Dong Bo in Oct 68. Note M-16 rifle. Soldier with back to camera is Vietnemese CIDG.

                      MAJ Ngoc commanding CIDG forces greets COL Chung (?), regimental commander in 9th ROK Divison

                      MAJ Ngoc greets A-502's ROK Army LNO (Sorry, forgot the name)

                      MG Quang and LLDB and ROK Army Staff on Grand Summit mountain in Nha Trang, Oct 1968

                      GI Humor. SGT Larry Freedman and Vietnamese CIDG clown around while digging trenches on Dong Bo. As a retired SF Sergeant Major, Freedman was the first American killed in Somalia when his jeep ran over a mine. He was reportedly working for the CIA.

                      Vietnamese SF near newly completed bunker. The attack on Dong Bo required the construction of a trench and bunker surrounding Grand Summit's peak, where elements of 95 and 18B regiments were dug in, and in some cases had occupied caves. The CIDG were light infantry, and did not like to dig. This operation showed that with proper training and supervision, the CIDG could dig in very well. Once the trench and bunker system was complete, and interlocking with the Korea trenches, Massive artillery strikes hammered the NVA until they decided to break out, which was when the real fighting started. These photos all show the preliminary stages of the operation.


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                        • LIFE pictures

                          LIFE magazine has recently made available millions of pictures from its archives via google, a lot of them from the Vietnam War of course, here's some of the most stunning I've found:

                          Mekong Delta 1962 by Larry Burrows.
                          Not much else indications but they look like Southvietnamese Marines:

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                          • Here again, Southvietnamese Marines on operation in the Delta
                            Larry Burrows - 1962


                            • Marines evacuating some WIAs
                              Larry Burrows - 1966 - DMZ


                              • RVN President Nguyen Van Thieu accompanied by Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker
                                and the always dandy Premier Nguyen Cao Ky during a tour of the country in 1969;
                                Photo by Larry Burrows:


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