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NVA spec op teams?

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  • NVA spec op teams?

    I was curious if any NVA special ops teams existed that were in place to counter our forces during the Vietnam war? Perhaps counter SOG teams or counter recon teams that were highly specialized?

    I had searched the internet for references this week and all I could come up with was a reference to die cast models made:

    Can anyone shed any insight on these type of units and if they actually existed?
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    The 16 "Nungs" matches the number of US SF named KIAs. I heard 17, and the site that names the dead gives only those 17 names. This was when what became CCN in October 68 was still FOB 4. The larger number likely includes camp security and indigenous personnel. A number of the attackers were killed also.

    Sappers were not cyclo drivers or dixee bashers by day. They were members of specially trained units dedicated to their task, whether VC Main Force of NVA. VC Main Force sappers usually attended funerals in their honor upon completing training, according to my wife.
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