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45 years ago: Battle for Hill 875 - Dak To - RVN

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  • 45 years ago: Battle for Hill 875 - Dak To - RVN

    Sky Soldiers all the way

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    Sky Soldiers -All the Way
    Never forget


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      Brave men. So were the Screaming Eagles who assaulted Hamburger Hill.

      In hindsight, I wonder if there wasn't a better tactical option. Like bombing the top until it's open enough for a landing zone then landing on top and assaulting down. Have units in ambush positions along lines of egress ready to hit fleeing units and individuals coming off the hill.

      I know an air assault onto the summit would be risky, even after a heavy bombing. You might loose helicopters on the first wave that clutter up the LZ so that subsequent lifts have a hard time making it in. But the uphill assault against a bunker line wasn't exactly a cakewalk.

      What am I missing here. If a hill really has to be taken, why not blow an LZ and risk landing on top?

      Just rambling. I don't mean to detract from the bravery of the men who fought those battles.
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