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ARVN tigerstripe camo.

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  • ARVN tigerstripe camo.

    Bit of a random question: did any 'line' ARVN units (ie not Rangers or SF) ever wear tigerstripe camo? I just ask because there's a photo from the AWM collection printed in To Long Tan that shows a group of ARVN soldiers moving into a position during a C&S of Hoa Long village (Operation BUNDABERG) in Oct 1966. They're identified as being from the 1/43d - got no reason to think they're not except the camouflage. There was a Ranger unit of some kind in the province at the start of 1966 (referred to as a commando company by the Australians and 'Panther' outfit by subsequent Communist accounts), but I've struggled to track down concrete information on it. Any of the old boonies out there got some ideas?

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    Jester, the ARVN Marine Corps used a version of the Tiger Stripe uniform, and I've been told that some of the Army divisional reconnaissance companies did as well.
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      While not part of ARVN, or even coming under the GVN's Ministry of Defense, the Provincial Reconnaissance Units [PRUs] were equipped with tiger stripes for regular [daily] wear. Agency funds supported this paramilitry PRU program, so both tiger stripe and black pajamas were issued items.

      When the mission required the PRUs to appear like a VC unit moving through the area and/or not otherwise arouse unnecessary alarm by their different appearance, black PJs were worn. It always amused me seeing how a 6-foot plus, 225-pound, blond, blue eyed, SEAL Advisor, wearing black PJs, thought he blended in.

      When uniform appearance wasn't considered to be mission critical, tiger stripes were worn.
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