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A Haunting Memory

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  • A Haunting Memory

    In early April, 1970, my Ranger Battalion (combined with a SVN Armored Cavalry unit) conducted an incursion in the Parrot’s Beak region of Cambodia, with all American advisors were left on the Vietnamese side of the border. At the conclusion of the operation, we returned to a base camp in Ho Nai (near Bien Hoa), with all American advisors staying together in an American compound. After about a week, we left for an operation in the Central Highlands, with the objective of searching for American POWs.

    We started our battalion-sized convoy traveling east on route 1a, then north on route 20 west of Xuan Loc. I do not recall the route after that turn, but at some point we drove up a very steep-sided valley with both sides of the road cleared of vegetation for about 100 meters. Beyond the cleared zone the vegetation was very thick. We came to an area with burned out vehicles on both sides of the road for what seemed like ¼ mile. I do not recall the American unit, but I think I was told the ambush occurred in February 1970. It was very spooky (and moving) traveling past all those abandoned vehicles. We continued beyond that valley to a village where we ran several operations. After about a week we abruptly left for Cambodia, and I never returned to the ambush site. I have often thought of that ambush and wondered what happened. But I cannot pinpoint the location because I left my maps in Ho Nai when we went to Cambodia, and never returned for them.

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    Bodies left behind so badly burnt or decomposed,nationality unknown.
    The history addict asked me,"Where did you fought?"
    Me...Damn..."I'm not sure."


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