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  • Ligny Museum

    There is a good reason that few have heard of the museum at Ligny.

    There is a good reason why we were the only people there.

    There is a good reason we stayed but minutes.

    There is a good reason we did not take any photos.

    More than disappointing .

    If you do visit Waterloo and the area, may I suggest climbing the Lions mound, taking the battlefield tour and Wellingtons HQ at Waterloo itself . These imo are far superior .
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    I never knew of this museum. Yes climbing the lion mound is well worth it and good excercise the battlefield tour I enjoyed too. Gives a great perspective to the dispositions and ground.


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      There is indeed a good reason for that.

      That nice museum was created many years ago by the "Amis de Ligny".

      In the beginning of 2010, the "Amis de Ligny" were expelled for some dark (political) reason, having not even access to their own exhibits.

      Now, there is a lawsuit so they can recover their exhibits.

      There should be a new, nicer museum by 2015 not that far away, in Fleurus.

      By the way, on the Waterloo battlefield, don't forget the Caillou farm, Napoléon's HQ, it's also a nice museum.


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