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Different Formations Through the Era

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  • Different Formations Through the Era

    There have Been Many Formations throughout the Napoleonic Era With the Unique way of Line Infantry set up differently with different effects.

    I'm not a Expert by far on different Strategy's of this Era. What were some of the Standard Formations and What were some Unique ones?

    Ill start off the list with some of my knowledge. Please Add and Correct my posts.

    Standard Line - 3+ lines of Infantry in a straight row. The 1st Line Would Fire then get low and Reload while the 2nd fire, down the rows and by the 3rd/4th the 1st will have reloaded and fire again. This creates a constant Barrage.

    Skirmish Formation - Often used by sharpshooters/ marksman. They would individually fire in no particular order and when the Line Get's closer they'd fall back out of range or take cover.

    Square Formation - The Infantry will form a square with bayonets facing outward this prevents any flanking movement or even a possible attack by Calvary.

    I know a Few of Special Formations and Have done a few expirements with RTS games and made the odd one of my own.

    British Thin Line - British Would Spread into a Line of only 2 men deep. The causing result is with each volley you could fire over 2x the ammunition at once causing a great demorale loss. Done on the Plains of Abraham

    French Flying Column - Knowledge is kind of Sketchy But French Formation would form in a column with 2men abreast. The enemy line trained to fire a entire rows volley at once would fire but with minimal effect as only the first few men would be able of getting shot.

    Staggered Line - Don't know if its an actual formation. Instead of having your line spread apart you have wider spaces in-between groups of line. Behind you would have Groups of line ready to fill in the gap or move to any breach in the lines. Think of a Checkerboard Pattern.
    [ x x x x]
    [x x x x ]

    Arrow Pattern - This is one I have made playing some games. Don't know if would've been used in the period or not. The Formation would form in almost Arrow/crecent type way so they are in an almost V. If facing Both Infantry and possibly a threat of Calvary I would move units in a formation like this. End Result would be - If no Calvary charge is present the sides can fan out to form a line, however a Charge is happening the Ends are already tucked behind somewhat and can form a square faster than an ordinary square would.

    Little Demo on how a arrow can form into a Diamond/square. (Periods are for spacing and the Arrow is to be Broader)

    [ . X . ] [ . X . ]
    [ .X X. ] [ .X X. ]
    [ X . X ] [ X . X ]
    [ X . . X] [ .X X . ]
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