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Books: Best Books/Links on The Napoleonic Era

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  • Originally posted by Massena View Post
    The Esposito/Elting Atlas covers all of Napoleon's campaigns and the maps for the campaigns, as well as the battles, are excellent. I have found this volume to be the best operational study, both maps and text, of Napoleon's campaigns.
    But could it be used for maps from War of the Sixth Coalition in general ? I have taken up some books but none of them have maps.
    Most academic works don't seem to have any, and without maps I cannot make sense of anything in 1813 Germany.


    • The book covers the campaigns of 1813 and 1814. It does not cover the Peninsular War. For an Atlas for that I would highly recommend Nick Lipscomb's Peninsular War Atlas
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      • I have seen only three works by Donald Horward : Bussaco, the Twin Sieges and Pelet Papers. Are there any others put together books ?
        If not could anybody point me towards the journals where his individual papers could be found ?


        • This may be of interest.

          And this:

          Courtesy of Tango 01 on the TMP Napoleonic website.

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