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Calendar of the Napoleonic Era

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    Originally posted by Post Captain View Post
    Thanks GB for this, i have looked everywhere to find this date, and so far i have seen 4 May mentioned as the exile date, so i wonder what the History TV source was?
    According to Waterloo 1815 by Geoffrey Wooten, Napoleon took his leave from his beloved Imperial Guard in a moving scene that touched all hearts on 14th April. He left Elba on 26th February and arrived at Golfe Juan, near Antibes on 1st March and entered Paris in triumph on 20th March


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      Originally posted by the Iron Duke View Post
      According to Waterloo 1815 by Geoffrey Wooten, Napoleon took his leave from his beloved Imperial Guard in a moving scene that touched all hearts on 14th April. He left Elba on 26th February and arrived at Golfe Juan, near Antibes on 1st March and entered Paris in triumph on 20th March

      I have seen so many dates, i'm going crosseyed, many books and internet sources state either 14 and 20 Apr as the farewell, and 4 May as the exile. I have found when doing this calendar, that many events or battles sometimes have different dates, just have to try and suss out the true facts and hope the knowledgeable members here come up trumps, thanks for posting the info
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        This Week in Napoleonic History

        26th April - 2nd May

        Dos de Mayo

        Actions and Battles
        Battle of Cassano, Austro-Russians under Suvarov defeat a French force under Moreau, 27 Apr 1799.

        Battle of Boulou, South of Perpignan, French forces under Jacques François Dugommier defeat a Spanish force under Luis Firmin de Carvajal, Conde de la Union, 30 Apr 1794.

        Battle of Poserna, French under Ney defeat Allies under Winzingerode, 1 May 1813.

        Dos de Mayo uprising in Madrid, 2 May 1808.

        Battle of Lutzen, French under Napoleon defeat Allies under Wittgenstein, 2 May 1813.

        Battle of Tolentino, Murat's Neapolitans beaten by the Austrians under Bianchi, 2 May 1815.


        Sylvestre François Lacroix, French mathematician, 28 Apr 1765.

        Jean-Baptiste Jourdan, French marshal, 29 Apr 1762.

        Arthur Wellesley, British soldier and statesman, c.29 Apr/1 May 1769.

        Galbraith Lowry Cole, British general, 1 May 1772.

        Jean-Baptiste Bessières

        Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov, Russian field marshal, 28 Apr 1813.

        Henry Paget, 1st Marquess of Anglesey, also known as the Earl of Uxbridge, British general, 29 Apr 1854.

        Archduke Charles of Austria, Austrian general, 30 Apr 1847.

        Jean-Baptiste Bessières, French marshal, 1 May 1813.

        Herman Willem Daendels, Dutch statesman and general, 2 May 1818.

        Royal Marines

        Creation of Helvetian Republic after French invasion of Switzerland, 26 Apr 1798.

        Armistice of Cherasco, between France and Piedmont, following the latter's defeat, 28 Apr 1796.

        The British Marine corps are given the new title Royal Marines by George III, 29 Apr 1802.

        George III reviews the fleet at Spithead, a year after the mutiny in 1797, 2 May 1798.

        Special mention in dispatches
        Zouave's Birthday, 26 April.
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          This Week in Napoleonic History

          3rd - 9th May


          Actions and Battles
          Battle of Stockach (2nd battle), French under Moreau defeat Austrians under Kray, 3 May 1800.

          Battle of Ebersberg, French under Massena defeat Austrians under Hiller, 3 May 1809.

          Battle of Seringapatam, troops of the East India Company under general Harris defeat troops of the Kingdom of Mysore of the Tipu Sultan, who was killed in the fighting, 4 May 1799.

          Battle of Moskirch, French under Moreau defeat Austrians under Kray, 5 May 1800.

          British forces capture Surinam, 5 May 1804.

          Battle of Fuentes de Onoro, Anglo-Portuguese troops under Wellington defeat French troops under Massena, 3/5 May 1811.

          Notable sea battle between the sloop HMS Speedy (14) and the Spanish frigate Gamo (32), Gamo eventually taken by Cochrane and his crew, 6 May 1801.

          Battle of Fombio, French under Napoleon defeat Austrians under Beaulieu, 8 May 1796.

          Robert Craufurd


          Robert Craufurd, British general, 5 May 1764.

          André Masséna, 1st Duc de Rivoli, 1st Prince d'Essling, French marshal, 6 May 1758.

          Maximilien Robespierre, Deputy and member of the Committee of Public Safety, President of the National Convention, 6 May 1758.

          Ferdinand III, Grand Duke of Tuscany, 6 May 1769.

          Olympe de Gouges,
          French feminist and revolutionary, 7 May 1748.

          Prince Józef Antoni Poniatowski, French marshal, 7 May 1763.

          Mikhail Kamensky, Russian general, 8 May 1738.

          Death of Napoleon

          Tipu Sultan, ruler of Mysore, India, 4 May 1799.

          Nikolay Kamensky, Russian general, 4 May 1811.

          Emperor Napoleon I, 5 May 1821.

          Frederick Augustus I of Saxony, 5 May 1827.

          Jean Baptiste Vaquette de Gribeauval, French artillery specialist, 9 May 1789.

          Estates-General convenes

          Louis XVIII enters Paris, 3 May 1814.

          Napoleon arrives on the island of Elba to begin his exile, 4 May 1814.

          King Ferdinand VII of Spain signs the Decrete of the 4th of May, returning Spain to absolutism, 4 May 1814.

          In France, the Estates-General convenes for the first time since 1614, 5 May 1789.

          Arthur Wellesley appointed governor of Seringapatam, after the fall of the city, 5 May 1799.

          William Pitt becomes Prime Minister, having resigned from this post on 14 Feb 1801, 7 May 1804.

          Royal Naval seaman are awarded their first pay rise since 1 Jan 1653, when it was set at 24 shillings per month, 8 May 1797.

          British naval squadron under Nelson re-enters the Mediterranean, 8 May 1798.
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            This Week in Napoleonic History

            10th - 16th May


            Actions and Battles
            Battle of Lodi, French under Napoleon defeat the Austrians under Beaulieu, 10 May 1796.

            British forces capture Capri, 12 May 1806.

            Battle of Oporto (second battle), Anglo-Portuguese under Wellesley defeat the French under Soult, 12 May 1809.

            Capture of Fort Hostalrich (Catalonia) by Augereau, 12 May 1810.

            Battle of Ulm, French under Moreau defeat the Austrians under Kray, 16 May 1800.

            Battle of Albuera, Anglo-Portuguese/Spanish troops under Beresford defeat the French under Soult, 16 May 1811.

            Antoine Charles Louis Lasalle

            Gaspard Monge, French mathematician, 10 May 1746.

            Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle, French composer, 10 May 1760.

            Louis Nicolas Davout, French marshal, 10 May 1770.

            Antoine Charles Louis Lasalle, French cavalry general, 10 May 1775.

            Manuel de Godoy, Spanish statesman, 12 May 1767.

            Lazare Carnot, French general, politician, 13 May 1753.

            Klemens Wenzel von Metternich, Austrian statesman, 15 May 1773.

            Spencer Perceval


            Spencer Perceval, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, 11 May 1812.

            Jeanne Françoise Julie Adélaïde Récamier, French socialite, 11 May 1849.

            Assassination of Spencer Perceval

            Vice-Admiral Collingwood, second in command to Nelson at Trafalgar, was buried in St Pauls, worn out by continuous sea service, 11 May 1810.

            Prime Minister Spencer Perceval is assassinated by John Bellingham in the lobby of the House of Commons, London, 11 May 1812.

            Wellington elevated in the peerage to Duke, 11 May 1814.

            Beginning of the Nore mutiny by the British North Sea fleet, 12 May 1797.

            Edward Jenner successfully introduces the vaccination which leads to the eradication of smallpox in Britain, 14 May 1796.

            Villeneuve reaches Martinique, 14 May 1805.

            French under Napoleon enter Milan, 15 May 1796.

            French forces under Napoleon begin the crossing of the Alps, 15 May 1800.

            Treaty of Basel, peace between France and Prussia, 16 May 1795.

            French under Napoleon occupy Venice, 16 May 1797.

            Britain declares war on France, 16 May 1803.
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              This Week in Napoleonic History

              17th - 23rd May


              Actions and Battles
              Battle of Tourcoing, French under Souham defeat the Allies under Saxe-Coburg, 18 May 1794.

              Capture of Oviedo (Asturias), Kellermann defeats de la Romana, 18 May 1809.

              Destruction of the bridge at Almaraz (Estremadura), by troops under Rowland Hill, 18 May 1812.

              Siege of Mequnienza (Catalonia) by Suchet, (the town falls on 8 June), 20 May 1810.

              Battle of Bautzen, French under Napoleon defeat the Allies under Blucher and Wittgenstein, 20/21 May 1813.

              Battle of Valenciennes, Allies under Saxe-Coburg defeat the French under Custine, 21/23 May 1793.

              Battle of Aspern-Essling, French under Napoleon are defeated by the Austrians under Archduke Charles, 21/22 May 1809.

              Action at Lugo (Galicia), Soult defeats the Portuguese who are besieging Fournier, 22 May 1809.

              Joseph Fouché

              Edward Jenner, British medical researcher, 17 May 1749.

              Henry Paget, 1st Marquess of Anglesey, British general, 17 May 1768.

              Caroline of Brunswick, Queen consort of George IV of the United Kingdom, 17 May 1768.

              Charles William Vane, 3rd Marquess of Londonderry, 18 May 1778.

              William Congreve, British inventor, 20 May 1772.

              Joseph Fouché, French statesman, 21 May 1763.

              Lucien Bonaparte, younger brother of Napoleon, French politician, 21 May 1775.

              Géraud Christophe Michel Duroc

              Armand-Emmanuel du Plessis, Duc de Richelieu, French-Russian statesman, 17 May 1822.

              Charles Maurice de Talleyrand, French diplomat, 17 May 1838.

              Alexander Suvorov, Russian general, 18 May 1800.

              King Ferdinand II of the Two Sicilies, 22 May 1859.

              Géraud Christophe Michel Duroc, French general, 23 May 1813.

              Légion d'Honneur

              French raise the siege of Acre, 17 May 1799.

              Conference of Dresden, Napoleon attempts to solidify the support of his allies for the approaching attack on Russia, 17/28 May 1812.

              Napoleon is proclaimed Emperor by the French Senate, a plebiscite ratifies his elevation, (He will be crowned on the 2 Dec 1804), 18 May 1804.

              The French fleet sails from Toulon with 35,000 men embarked, their eventual destination will be Egypt, 19 May 1798.

              Abortive British landing at Ostend, 19 May 1798.

              Napoleon creates the Légion d'Honneur, 19 May 1802.

              Creation of the Marshalate by Napoleon, 19 May 1804.

              Irish Rebellion of 1798 begins, 23 May 1798.

              Wellington and his forces advance into Spain, 23 May 1813.
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                This Week in Napoleonic History

                24th - 30th May

                Glorious First of June

                Actions and Battles

                Siege of Tarragona (Catalonia) by Suchet. (The city falls on 28 June), 24 May 1811.

                British re-occupy St. Lucia, 25 May 1796.

                Battle of Usagre, British under Lumley defeat the French under Latour-Maubourg, 25 May 1811.

                French capture Danzig, 26 May 1807.

                Battle of Oulart Hill, County Wexford, Ireland, United Irishmen beat a force of Militia, 27 May 1798.

                Glorious First of June, British fleet under Howe defeat the French under Villaret de Joyeuse, 28 May/1 June 1794.

                Battle of Borghetto, French under Napoleon defeat the Austrians under Beaulieu, 30 May 1796.

                Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria


                Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria, 27 May 1756.

                Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, French physician, 28 May 1738.

                William Pitt the Younger, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, 28 May 1759.

                Henry Addington, 1st Viscount Sidmouth, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, 30 May 1757.

                Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly


                Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly, Russian military commander, 26 May 1818.

                Sidney Smith, British admiral, 26 May 1840.

                François-Noël Babeuf, French revolutionary, 27 May 1797.

                Joséphine de Beauharnais, Empress of France, 29 May 1814.

                Emmanuel de Grouchy, French marshal, 29 May 1847.

                Iron Crown of Lombardy

                Napoleon is crowned King of Italy with the Iron Crown of Lombardy in the Cathedral of Milan, 26 May 1805.

                Treaty of Bucharest between Russia and the Ottoman Empire, 28 May 1812.

                First treaty of Paris between France and the Allies, restoring the Bourbon monarchy and France's 1792 boundries, 30 May 1814.
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                  This Week in Napoleonic History

                  31st May - 6th June

                  HMS Shannon and USS Chesapeake

                  Actions and Battles
                  French occupy Hanover, 1 Jun 1803.

                  HMS Shannon captures USS Chesapeake, 1 Jun 1813.

                  British troops capture Port-au-Prince in Haiti, 4 Jun 1794.

                  Battle of Zurich (1st battle), Archduke Charles defeats Massena, 4/7 Jun 1799.

                  Massena surrenders Genoa, 4 Jun 1800.

                  Siege of Gerona (Catalonia) by Gouvion St.Cyr and Augereau. (The city falls on 11 Dec), 4 Jun 1809.

                  Action at Logrono (Navarre), Verdier defeats the rebels, 6 Jun 1808.

                  Capture of Segovia (Old Castile), by Frere, 6 Jun 1808.

                  Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo (Leon) by Massena and Ney. (The town falls on 10 Jul), 6 Jun 1810.

                  Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud

                  Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud, French revolutionary, 31 May 1753.

                  Marquis de Sade, French author, 2 Jun 1740.

                  King George III of Great Britain, 4 June 1738.

                  Jean Lannes

                  Jean Lannes, 1st Duc de Montebello, 1st Sovereign Prince de Sievers, French marshal, 31 May 1809.

                  Samuel Bentham, British mechanical engineer, 31 May 1831.

                  James Gillray, British caricaturist and printmaker, 1 Jun 1815.

                  Louis-Nicolas Davout, 1st Duc d'Auerstaedt, 1st Prince d'Eckmühl, French marshal, 1 Jun 1823.

                  Jan Willem de Winter, Dutch admiral, 2 Jun 1812.

                  Alexandre-Théodore Brongniart, French architect, 6 Jun 1813.

                  Jean-Paul Marat

                  Jean-Paul Marat recites the names of 29 people to the French National Convention. Almost all of these people are guillotined, followed by 17,000 more over the course of the next year during the Reign of Terror, 2 Jun 1793.

                  France annexes Genoa, 4 Jun 1805.

                  Joseph Bonaparte is crowned King of Spain, 6 Jun 1808.
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                    7th - 13th June


                    Actions and Battles
                    Action at Tudela (Navarre), Lefebvre-Desnouettes defeats a rebel force, 7 Jun 1808.

                    Action at the bridge of Alcolea (Andalusia), Dupont defeats Etcheverria, 8 Jun 1808.

                    Capture of Cordoba by Dupont, 8 Jun 1808.

                    Battle at Arklow, County Wicklow, 1,700 British troops under Needham defeat a force of 10,000 United Irishmen, 9 Jun 1798.

                    Battle of Montebello, Lannes defeats the Austrians under Ott, 9 Jun 1800.

                    French occupy Malta, 10 June 1798.

                    Battle of Heilsberg, Napoleon defeats the Russians under Bennigsen, 10 Jun 1807.

                    Action at Llobregat (Catalonia), Duhesme defeats a rebel force, 10 Jun 1808.

                    Action at the bridge of Cabezon (Valladolid), Lasalle defeats de la Cuesta, 12 Jun 1808.

                    Action at Mallen (Aragon), Lefebvre-Desnouettes defeats the Marquis of Lassan, 12 Jun 1808.

                    Suchet repels a landing by Murray at Alicante (Valencia), 12 Jun 1813.

                    Karl Freiherr von Müffling

                    Robert Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, 7 Jun 1770.

                    Beau Brummell, British fashion leader, 7 Jun 1778.

                    Karl Freiherr von Müffling, Prussian soldier, later Prussian field marshal, 12 Jun 1775.

                    Thomas Paine

                    King Frederick William III of Prussia, 7 Jun 1840.

                    Charles Baudin, French admiral, 7 Jun 1854.

                    Louis Charles de France, (King Louis XVII of France), 8 Jun 1795.

                    Thomas Paine, British revolutionary and writer, 8 Jun 1809.

                    Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the United States, 9 Jun 1845.

                    Thomas Robert Bugeaud, French soldier, later Marshal of France, 10 Jun 1849.

                    Klemens Wenzel von Metternich, Austrian statesman, 11 Jun 1859.

                    Charles Pierre François Augereau, 1st Duc de Castiglione, French Marshal, 12 Jun 1816.

                    Eugene de Beauharnais

                    Eugene de Beauharnais appointed Viceroy of Italy, 7 Jun 1805.

                    French forces evacuate Madrid, 12 Jun 1813.

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                      This Week in Napoleonic History

                      14th - 20th June

                      Waterloo Campaign

                      Actions and Battles
                      Battle of Marengo, French under Napoleon defeat the Austrians under Von Melas and Ott, 14 Jun 1800.

                      Battle of Friedland, Napoleon defeats the Russians under Levin Bennigsen, 14 Jun 1807.

                      Battle of Raab, French under Eugene defeat the Austrians under Archduke John, 14 Jun 1809.

                      Action at Sanguessa (Navarre), Caffarelli defeats Mina, 14 Jun 1811.

                      First Siege of Saragossa, (The French were compelled to lift the siege on 13 Aug and retreat north, their 61-day effort ending in defeat), 15 Jun 1808.

                      Capture of La Guarda (Portugal), by French under Loison, 15 Jun 1808.

                      Action at Maria (Aragon), Suchet defeats Blake, 15 Jun 1809.

                      Battle of Wetzlar, Austrians under Charles defeat the French under Jourdan, 16 Jun 1796.

                      Battle of Ligny, Prussian forces under von Blücher defeated by French forces under Napoleon, 16 Jun 1815.

                      Battle of Quatres Bras, a tactical draw, French forces under Ney held at the crossroads by Allied forces under Wellington, 16 Jun 1815.

                      Action at Leiria (Portugal), Margaron defeats the rebels, 18 Jun 1808.

                      Action at Belchite (Aragon), Suchet defeats Blake, 18 Jun 1809.

                      Battle of Waterloo, French under Napoleon defeated by the Allies led by Wellington and Gebhard von Blücher, 18 Jun 1815.

                      Battle of Wavre, inconclusive engagement between the French under Grouchy and the Prussians under Von Thielmann, 18 Jun 1815.

                      Battle of Hochstadt, French under Moreau defeat the Austrians under Kray, 19 June 1800.

                      Wolfe Tone


                      Wolfe Tone, Irish patriot, 20 Jun 1763.

                      Leopold Hermann Ludwig von Boyen, Prussian army officer and a member of Gerhard von Scharnhorst's commission for military re-organisation, 20 Jun 1771.

                      Louis Charles Desaix


                      Louis Charles Antoine Desaix, French general, killed at Marengo, 14 Jun 1800.

                      Jean-Baptiste Kleber, French general, assassinated by Soleyman El-Halaby in Cairo, 14 Jun 1800.

                      Frederick William, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, killed at Quatre Bras, 16 Jun 1815.

                      Charles-François Lebrun, duc de Plaisance, Third Consul of France, 16 Jun 1824.

                      Charles Middleton, 1st Baron Barham, British admiral, politician and First Lord of the Admiralty during the Trafalgar campaign, 17 Jun 1813.

                      Thomas Picton, British general, killed at Waterloo, 18 Jun 1815.

                      William Ponsonby, British general, killed by a lancer at Waterloo, 18 Jun 1815.

                      Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Freiherr von Ompteda
                      , Hanoverian officer in British service, brigade commander in general Alten's division in the Anglo-Allied army during the Waterloo campaign. Ompteda was killed at Waterloo after being ordered into a counter-attack in column to retake La Haie Sainte, 18 Jun 1815.

                      William Cobbett, British journalist and author, 18 Jun 1835.

                      Guillaume Philibert Duhesme, French general, who died of wounds received at Waterloo, 20 Jun 1815.

                      William IV of the United Kingdom, 20 Jun 1837.

                      Pierre Claude François Daunou, French statesman and historian, 20 Jun 1840.

                      The Tennis Court Oath


                      Convention of Alessandria, between France and Austria, declaring armistice after Marengo, preliminary to Luneville, 15 Jun 1800.

                      In Piccadilly, London, the first shop to be lit by gas, an invention by William Murdoch, is reported in the 'Morning Post' as a wonderful event, 15 Jun 1805.

                      In France, the Third Estate declares itself the National Assembly, 17 Jun 1789.

                      United States declares war on Britain, 18 Jun 1812.

                      Deputies of the French Third Estate take the Tennis Court Oath, 20 Jun 1789.

                      Louis Bonaparte declared King of Holland, 20 Jun 1806.
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                        This Week in Napoleonic History

                        21st - 27th June


                        Actions and Battles

                        Battle of Vinegar Hill, The British Army under Lake defeat the Irish rebels, 21 Jun 1798.

                        Battle of Vittoria, Allied forces under Wellington beat the French under Joseph and Jourdan. The battle was the inspiration for Beethoven's Opus 91, often called the "Battle Symphony," or simply "Wellington's Victory", 21 Jun 1813.

                        Action at Cifuentes (Old Castile), Hugo defeats 'El Empecinado', 22 Jun 1811.

                        British and French emigres land at Quiberon Bay, Brittany to assist the Chouan Royalists. They are defeated by Hoche in July. (Charles de Virot, marquis de Sombreuil and 750 of his companions were condemned by a military tribunal and shot by firing squad at Auray). 23 Jun 1795.

                        Siege of Pamplona (Navarre) by Wellington. (The town defended by Cassan, capitulates on 13 Oct), 22 Jun 1813.

                        French invasion of Russia, (also known as the Patriotic War of 1812), Napoleon's Grande Armée crosses the Niemen River, 24 Jun 1812.

                        Battle of Fleurus, French under Jourdan defeat the Allies under Saxe-Coburg, 26 Jun 1794.

                        British forces take Buenos Ayres, 27 Jun 1806.

                        Sir Sidney Smith

                        Pierre Paul Royer-Collard, French statesman and philosopher, leader of the Doctrinaires group during the Bourbon Restoration, 21 Jun 1763.

                        Sidney Smith, British admiral, 'That man made me miss my destiny' as quoted by Napoleon, 21 Jun 1764.

                        Josephine de Beauharnais, Empress of France, 23 Jun 1763.

                        Joseph-Michel Montgolfier


                        Rémi Joseph Isidore Exelmans, 1st Comte Exelmans, French general, 22 Jun 1852.

                        Joseph-Michel Montgolfier, French inventor, 26 Jun 1810.

                        Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle, French composer (La Marseillaise), 26 Jun 1836.

                        The return of the Royal Family to Paris on June 25th, 1791


                        Louis XVI, Marie Antionette and their children escape and are apprehended at Varennes and returned to Paris by national guardsmen. The King's powers are temporarily suspended, 21/25 Jun 1791.

                        Napoleon abdicates in favour of his son, Napoléon Francis Joseph Charles Bonaparte, well knowing that it was a formality, as his four-year-old son was in Austria, 22 Jun 1815.

                        Armistice of Bologna, between France and the Vatican, 23 Jun 1796.

                        Special Mention in Dispatches
                        Torien's Birthday, 23 Jun.
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                          This Week in Napoleonic History

                          28th June - 4th July

                          Napoleon Lands at Alexandria

                          Actions and Battles
                          Napoleon lands at Alexandria, with 5,000 men and takes the port, 1/2 Jul 1798.

                          Battle of Rocquencourt, a cavalry skirmish fought between French cavalry under Exelmans and Prussian cavalry under Von Sohr, a French victory, 1 Jul 1815.

                          Battle of Maida in Calabria, Italy, Stuart with a force of British troops defeats a force commanded by Reynier, 4 Jul 1806.

                          Paul François Jean Nicolas Barras

                          Paul François Jean Nicolas Barras, French politician, 30 Jun 1755.

                          Adam Duncan, 1st Viscount Duncan, British admiral, 1 Jul 1731.

                          Carl Philipp Gottlieb von Clausewitz, Prussian soldier and German military theorist who stressed the moral and political aspects of war, 1 Jul 1780.

                          Richard Parker

                          Gerhard von Scharnhorst, Prussian general, 28 Jun 1813.

                          Richard Parker, British sailor and Nore Mutiny ringleader, 30 Jun 1797.
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                            This Week in Napoleonic History

                            5th July - 11th July


                            Actions and Battles
                            Battle of Wagram, French under Napoleon defeat the Austrians under Archduke Charles, 5/6 Jul 1809.

                            Battle of Algeciras (1st battle), inconclusive engagement between the British fleet under Saumarez and the Franco - Spanish under Linois, 6 Jul 1801.

                            Battle of Malsch, inconclusive encounter between the French under Moreau and the Austrians under Archduke Charles, 9 Jul 1796.

                            Ciudad Rodrigo falls to the French under Massena, after a siege that began at the end of April, 10 Jul 1810.

                            Dominique Jean Larrey

                            François Carlo Antommarchi, Corsican physician to Napoleon on St. Helena, 5 Jul 1780.

                            Guillaume Philibert Duhesme, French general, 7 Jul 1766.

                            Dominique Jean Larrey, French surgeon, 8 Jul 1766.

                            Gaspard de Bernard de Marigny

                            Antoine Charles Louis Collinet, comte de Lasalle,
                            French cavalry general, killed at Wagram, 6 Jul 1809.

                            Robert Surcouf, French corsair, 8 Jul 1827.

                            Prince Adolphus, 1st Duke of Cambridge, 8 Jul 1850.

                            FitzRoy James Henry Somerset, 1st Baron Raglan, aide-de-camp and military secretary to the Duke of Wellington, later Field Marshal, 9 Jul 1855.

                            Gaspard de Bernard de Marigny, French royalist general and counter-revolutionary, 10 Jul 1794.

                            Treaties of Tilsit

                            Convention of Artlenburg, was the surrender of the Electorate of Hanover to Napoleon, 5 Jul 1803.

                            Wellesley appointed Marshal - General of Portugal, 6 Jul 1809.

                            Treaties of Tilsit, between Tsar Alexander I of Russia and Napoleon I of France, where they met on a raft in the middle of the Niemen River, 7/9 Jul 1807.

                            Graf von Zieten's Prussian I Corps entered Paris, 7 Jul 1815.

                            Louis XVIII restored to the French throne, 8 Jul 1815.

                            Napoleon annexes the Kingdom of Holland as part of the First French Empire, 9 Jul 1810.

                            Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, becomes Prime Minister of France, 9 Jul 1815.

                            The Vellore Mutiny is the first instance of a mutiny by Indian sepoys against the British East India Company, 10 Jul 1806.
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                              This Week In Napoleonic History

                              12th - 18th July

                              The Surrender at Bailén

                              Actions and Battles
                              Battle of Algeciras (2nd battle), British fleet under Rear-Adm. Saumarez defeat the Spanish and French under Vice-Adm. Moreno and Rear-Adm. Linois, 12 Jul 1801.

                              Battle of the Vosges, French forces under Claude Ignace François Michaud defeat an allied force under Wichard Joachim Heinrich von Möllendorf, 13 Jul 1794.

                              Battle of Lapua (Finland) was fought between Swedish troops under Carl Johan Adlercreutz and Russian troops under Nikolai Nikolaievitsch Rayevskij, resulting in a Swedish victory, 14 Jul 1808.

                              Battle of Medina de Rioseco, French forces under Bessieres defeat a Spanish force under Joaquín Blake and Gregorio de la Cuesta, 14 Jul 1808.

                              Battle of Quiberon, Hoche in command of the French finally defeat the French Royalists and British under Puisaye and d'Hervilly, 16/20 Jul 1795.

                              Battle at the Trebbia, French forces under Macdonald are defeated by a Russian-Austrian force under Suvorov, 17/19 Jul 1799.

                              Battle of Bailén, French forces under Pierre Dupont are defeated by the Spanish under Francisco Castaños, 18 Jul 1808.

                              Alexander Balashov

                              Alexander Balashov, Russian general, 13 Jul 1770.

                              Charlotte Corday

                              Jean-Paul Marat, French revolutionary, 13 Jul 1793.

                              Bernard-René de Launay, governor of the Bastille, 14 Jul 1789.

                              Dominique Vandamme, French general, 15 Jul 1830.

                              Louis Alexandre Andrault de Langeron, Russian general, 16 Jul 1831.

                              Marie-Anne Charlotte de Corday d'Armont known as Charlotte Corday, sent to the guillotine for the assassination of Jean-Paul Marat, 17 Jul 1793.

                              Napoleon on HMS Bellerophon

                              Formation of the Confederation of the Rhine, 12 Jul 1806.

                              Armistice of Znaim, temporary ceasefire agreed between Napoleon and Archduke Charles, preceding the Treaty of Schonbrunn, 12 Jul 1809.

                              Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat (While taking a medicinal bath to alleviate a skin disease) by Charlotte Corday, 13 Jul 1793.

                              The Storming of the Bastille, a medieval fortress and prison in Paris, (In fact the prison was nearly empty of prisoners, housing only seven inmates: four forgers, two "lunatics" and one "deviant" aristocrat, the comte de Solages), 14 Jul 1789.

                              The Rossetta stone found by French Army officer, Captain Pierre-François Bouchard, 15 Jul 1799.

                              Napoléon Bonaparte surrenders to Captain Frederick Maitland RN aboard HMS Bellerophon near the port of Rochefort, Charente-Maritime, 15 Jul 1815.
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                                This Week in Napoleonic History

                                19th - 25th July


                                Actions and Battles

                                Sea battle off Cape Finisterre, between Villeneuve's fleet returning from the West Indies and Calder's fleet. Battle was inconclusive, Calder was later court martialled and was severely reprimanded for his failure to renew the battle on 23 and 24 July. He never served at sea again. Villeneuve failed to reach Brest, his original objective, so made for Cadiz, 22 Jul 1805.

                                Battle of Salamanca, a decisive allied victory, led by Wellington over the French under the command of first Marmont then Clausel, 22 Jul 1812.

                                Action at Tenerife, an amphibious assault by the Royal Navy on the Spanish port city of Santa Cruz in the Canary Islands, led by Rear-Adm Nelson, a failed attack which resulted in a Spanish victory and Nelson losing his right arm, 22/25 Jul 1797.

                                Battle of Garcia Hernandez, Bock's heavy cavalry brigade consisting of
                                1st and 2nd (KGL) dragoons with the support of Anson's light cavalry brigade (11th, 12th, 16th light dragoons) totalling 1,700 men defeat a French force of 4,000 under Foy, 23 Jul 1812.

                                Battle of Mogilev, A French victory led by Davout over Russian forces led by Raevsky, 23 July 1812.

                                The combat of the Coa, Robert Craufurd and his light division are severely tested on the Coa, Portugal as the French invasion gathers momentum, 24 Jul 1810.

                                Battle of Aboukir, a decisive French victory led by Napoleon over the Ottoman Turks led by Mustafa Pasha, 25 Jul 1799.

                                The siege of Almeida, Portugal began and was a delaying action fought to slow down Massena's invasion or Portugal in 1810, most famous for the dramatic explosion that ended the siege in August. The Portuguese garrison of 5,000 was under the command of brigadier-general William Cox, 25 Jul 1810.


                                Auguste Frédéric Louis Viesse de Marmont, 1st Duke of Ragusa, French marshal, 20 Jul 1774.

                                Santiago de Liniers, French officer in the Spanish military service, viceroy of the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata, 25 Jul 1753.

                                Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

                                Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Queen of Prussia, 19 Jul 1810.

                                François Sebastien Charles Joseph de Croix, Count of Clerfayt
                                , Austrian field marshal, 21 Jul 1798.

                                André Chénier, French writer, guillotined for alleged "crimes against the state", 25 Jul 1794.

                                Duke of Brunswick

                                Brunswick Manifesto issued, a proclaimation by Charles William Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick, commander of the allied army, aimed at the inhabitants of Paris, that if any harm came to the French Royal family, then the civilians of Paris would be also harmed, 25 Jul 1792.
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