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Calendar of the Napoleonic Era

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    This week in Napoleonic History

    23rd-29th November

    Tudela, 23 November 1808

    Thought i would each week try and post the Events, Births, Deaths and Battles of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic period. (If i missed any item, please post)

    Actions and Battles
    Battle of Tudela, 23 Nov 1808.

    Battle of Loshnitsa, 23 Nov 1812.

    Battle of Loano, 24 Nov 1795.

    Battle of Kaiserslautern, 28-30 Nov 1793.

    Battle and crossing of the Berezina, 26-28 Nov 1812.

    Alexander Suvorov

    François-Noël Babeuf, French revolutionary, 23 Nov 1760.

    Alexander Suvorov, Russian general, 24 Nov 1729.

    Nicolas Jean de Soult

    Jean-Baptiste Jourdan, 23 Nov 1833.

    Nicolas Jean de Soult, 26 Nov 1851.

    Thomas Telford

    Partitions of Poland: Stanislaus August Poniatowski, the last king of independent Poland, is forced to abdicate and is exiled to Russia, 25 Nov 1795.

    Napoleon writes to his minister of interior 'I want you to get a song written, to go to the tune of the chant du depart, for the invasion of England', 29 Nov 1803.

    Official opening of Thomas Telford's Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, 26 November 1805.

    The Portuguese Royal Family leave Lisbon for Brazil, 27 November 1807.

    Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-flat major, Op. 73, was premiered at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, 28 Nov 1811.

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      Originally posted by Post Captain View Post

      Napoleon writes to his minister of interior 'I want you to get a song written, to go to the tune of the chant du depart, for the invasion of England', 29 Nov 1803.
      And this is what he wrote

      Wish me luck, as you wave me goodbye.
      Cheerio, here I go,on my way.

      Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye.
      With a cheer, not a tear,make it gay.

      Give me a smile,I can keep for a while,
      In my heart while I'm away.

      Till we meet once again you and I,
      Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye.

      Wish me luck, as you wave me goodbye.
      Cheerio, here I go, on my way

      Wish me luck, as you wave me goodbye.
      With a cheer, not a tear, make it gay

      Give me a smile, I can keep for a while,
      In my heart while I'm away.
      Till we meet once again You and I
      wish me luck as you wave me goodbye.

      ‘Tis said his form is tiny, yet
      All human ills he can subdue,
      Or with a bauble or medal
      Can win mans heart for you;
      And many a blessing know to stew
      To make a megloamaniac bright;
      Give honour to the dainty Corse,
      The Pixie is a little shite.


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        This week in Napoleonic History

        30th November - 6th December


        Actions and Battles
        Toulon campaign; Disastrous Allied sortie against French batteries; General O'Hara is captured, 30 Nov 1793.

        Battle of Somosierra, 30 Nov 1808.

        Battle of Austerlitz, 2 Dec 1805.

        Battle of Hohenlinden, 3 Dec 1800.

        Willem Frederik George Lodewijk van Oranje-Nassau (Prince of Orange)


        Juliette Recamier, French Socialite, 4 Dec 1777.

        Willem Frederik George Lodewijk van Oranje-Nassau (Prince of Orange) 6 Dec 1792.

        Alexander I of Russia

        Alexander I of Russia, 1 Dec 1825.

        Marquis de Sade, 2 Dec 1814.

        Robert Banks Jenkinson (2nd Earl of Liverpool) 4 Dec 1828.

        Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 5 Dec 1791.

        Friedrich Leopold Graf zu Stolberg-Stolberg, German poet, 5 Dec 1819.

        Napoleon's Coronation, 2 December 1804

        French forces under Junot enter Lisbon, 30 Nov 1807.

        Napoleon crowns himself Emperor of the French at Notre Dame, Paris, 2 Dec 1804.

        British capture Ile de France, 2 Dec 1810.

        Introduction of income tax to finance British war effort, 3 Dec 1798.

        The Observer is printed for the first time, Britain’s first Sunday newspaper, 4 Dec 1791.

        HMS Victory returning from Gibraltar, stops off at Portsmouth with Admiral Lord Nelson's body onboard, before proceeding to the Nore, 4 Dec 1805.

        French forces enter Madrid, 4 Dec 1808.

        Capture of Rosas (Catalonia) by Gouvion St-Cyr, 5 Dec 1808.

        Napoleon quits the army in Russia, 5 Dec 1812.

        Michel Ney tried and condemned for treason, 4/6 Dec 1815.
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          Austerliz and Napoleon`s coronation was today. Vive l`Empereur!


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            December 02/1804 and December 02/1805 - two great dates for Napoleon, Vive l' Empereur


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              This week in Napoleonic History

              7th-13th December


              Actions and Battles
              French retake Guadeloupe, 10 Dec 1794.

              Wellington defeats Soult on the Nive, 9/12 Dec 1813.

              Battle of Alba de Tormes (Leon), 9/15 Dec 1812.

              Action at Palamos (Catalonia) British landing repulsed, 13 Dec 1810.

              Marie Louise of Austria

              Claude Victor-Perrin, duc de Belluno, 7 Dec 1764.

              Philibert Serurier, French Marshal, 8 Dec 1742.

              Claude Louis Berhollet, French chemist, 9 Dec 1748.

              Maria Luisa of Parma, Queen of Spain, 10 Dec 1751.

              Robert Surcouf, French corsair, 12 Dec 1773.

              Marie Louise of Austria, Napoleon’s second wife, 12 Dec 1791.

              William Bligh

              Joseph Bara, French revolutionary, 7 Dec 1793.

              Michel Ney, 7 Dec 1815.

              William Bligh, Royal Naval officer, 7 Dec 1817.

              Madame du Barry, Royal mistress, 8 Dec 1793.

              Benjamin Constant de Rebecque, Swiss writer and thinker, 8 Dec 1830.

              Rowland 'Daddy' Hill, British General, 10 Dec 1842.

              William I of the Netherlands, 12 Dec 1843.

              Charles-Joseph, 7th Prince of Ligne, 13 Dec 1814.

              Execution of Michel Ney


              Execution of Michel Ney, Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, 7 Dec 1815.

              British evacuate Walcheren, 9 Dec 1809.

              Treaty of Posen, (Franco-Saxon alliance) 10 Dec 1806.

              HMS Victory leaves Portsmouth for the Nore. On the same day Surgeon Beatty begins his autopsy on Nelson's body, 11 Dec 1805.

              Surrender of Gerona (Catalonia), 11 Dec 1809.

              Treaty of Valencay, between Napoleon and Ferdinand VII of Spain, 11 Dec 1813.

              French fleet arrives at Naples and attempts to force Ferdinand IV to recognise the French Republic, 12 Dec 1792.

              British expedition arrives at New Orleans, 13 Dec 1814.

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                This week in Napoleonic History

                14th-20th December


                Actions and Battles
                Wellesley captures Gawilghur, India, 15 Dec 1803.

                Capture of Ripoli (Catalonia) by Souham, 15 Dec 1809.

                Abortive French expedition to Bantry Bay, 16/30 Dec 1796.

                Action at Cardedeu (Catalonia), Gouvion St Cyr defeats Juan de Vives, 16 Dec 1808.

                Toulon campaign; The final French assault seizes Fort Mulgrave and Mount Faron; Bonaparte is wounded at Fort Mulgrave, 17 Dec 1793.

                Battle of the Mississinewa, (Jalapa, Indiana) 17/18 Dec 1812.

                Toulon campaign; An Allied council of war decides to evacuate Toulon, partial scuttling of French fleet by Sir
                William Sydney Smith's flotilla, 18 Dec 1793.

                Toulon Campaign; Last Allied troops embark. French troops enter Toulon, 19 Dec 1793.

                Second siege of Saragossa, Moncey, Junot, Mortier and Lannes besiege the city which is defended by Palafox and St March, 19 Dec 1808.

                Siege of Tortosa (Catalonia) by Suchet, 19 Dec 1810.

                Gebhard von Blucher

                Thomas Cochrane, Royal Naval officer, Radical politician, 'The Sea Wolf', 14 Dec 1775.

                Princess Maria Antonia of Naples and Sicily, 14 Dec 1784.

                Gebhard von Blucher, 16 Dec 1742.

                Ludwig Van Beethoven, German composer, 16 Dec 1770.

                John Ordronaux, Privateer of the War of 1812, 16 Dec 1778.

                Humphry Davy, British chemist and inventor, 17 Dec 1778.

                Joseph Grimaldi, British clown, 18 Dec 1778.

                Thomas Graham, 1st Baron Lynedoch

                George Washington, 14 Dec 1799.

                Antoine François, comte de Fourcroy, French chemist, 16 Dec 1809.

                Henry Blackwood, captain of HMS Euryalus at Trafalgar, later Rear Admiral, 17 Dec 1832.

                Bernardine Eugénie Désirée Clary, once engaged to Napoleon, later Queen of Sweden and Norway, 17 Dec 1860.

                Thomas Graham, 1st Baron Lynedoch, 18 Dec 1843.

                Thomas Francis Fremantle, British naval officer, 19 Dec 1819.

                Sacagawea, American Shoshone explorer, 20 Dec 1812.

                Napoleon appointed First consul

                Napoleon appointed First consul, 14 Dec 1799.

                Spain declares war on Britain, 14 Dec 1804.

                Milan Decree against Britain confirms the 'Continenental System', 17 Dec 1807.

                Surrender of the frigate La Lutine by French Royalists to Lord Hood; renamed HMS Lutine, she later becomes a famous treasure wreck, 18 Dec 1793.

                Napoleon enters Warsaw, 18 Dec 1806.

                HMS Victory is paid off at Portsmouth, 18 Dec 1812.
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                  Originally posted by Post Captain View Post
                  30th November - 6th December.

                  Originally posted by Ulrih View Post
                  Austerliz and Napoleon`s coronation was today. Vive l`Empereur!
                  Originally posted by tank brigade View Post
                  December 02/1804 and December 02/1805 - two great dates for Napoleon, Vive l' Empereur

                  IMO the most important week in the year for Napoleon aficionados

                  You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in You - Leon Trotski, June 1919.


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                    This week in Napoleonic History (Posted early for Christmas)

                    21st-27th December


                    Actions and Battles
                    British cavalry under Paget defeat French cavalry under Debelle at Sahagun, 21 Dec 1808.

                    French under Hoche defeat Prussians under Brunswick at Froschwiller, 22 Dec 1793.

                    Crossing of the Guadarrama by Napoleon, 22 Dec 1808.

                    Vendean revolt ended by battle of Savernay, 23 Dec 1793.

                    French under Hoche defeat Austrians under Wurmser at Geisberg, 26 Dec 1793.

                    French under Lannes fight drawn battle against Russians under Bennigsen at Pultusk, 26 Dec 1806.

                    Indecisive encounter between French forces under Murat and Russians under Gallitzin at Golymin, 26 Dec 1806.

                    Siege of Valencia by Suchet, 26 Dec 1811.

                    Claude Chappe

                    Frederick Augustus I of Saxony, 23 Dec 1750.

                    Alexander I of Russia, 23 Dec 1777.

                    Jean-François Champollion, French Egyptologist, 23 Dec 1790

                    Claude Chappe, French telecommunications pioneer, 25 Dec 1763.

                    Prince Frederick Josias of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, 26 Dec 1737.

                    Marie Julie Clary, Wife of Joseph Bonaparte, 26 Dec 1771.

                    Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly, Russian general, 27 Dec 1761.

                    Dominique Perignon

                    Philibert Serurier, French Marshal, 21 Dec 1818.

                    Jean-Victor Poncelet, French engineer and Mathematican, 22 Dec 1867.

                    Henry Clinton, British general, 23 Dec 1795.

                    Jean Baptiste Bory de Saint-Vincent, French naturalist, 23 Dec 1846.

                    Dominique Perignon, French Marshal, 25 Dec 1818.

                    Rue Saint-Nicaise and the 'Infernal Machine'

                    Toulon campaign; Napoleon Bonaparte recommended for promotion to Brigadier General by representives, 22 Dec 1793.

                    Mungo Park the Selkirk explorer returns to Scotland after two and a half years in Africa. (He discovered the Niger River on 20 July 1796), 22 Dec 1797.

                    The Neapolitan Royal family and the Hamiltons take passage on Nelson's ships for Palermo, 23/26 Dec 1798.

                    Nelson's body is transferred to the yacht 'Chatham' and taken to Greenwich and then to the Painted Hall for three days lying in state, 23 Dec 1805.

                    Napoleon begins military preparations against Russia, 23 Dec 1811.

                    Assassination attempt on Napoleon, when a bomb exploded on the Rue Saint-Nicaise, whilst on his way to see Haydn's opening night of 'Creation', 24 Dec 1800.

                    General Sir John Moore begins retreat to Corunna, 24 Dec 1808.

                    Treaty of Ghent brings peace between Britain and USA, 24 Dec 1814.

                    Treaty of Pressburg between France and Austria, 26 Dec 1805.
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                      This week in Napoleonic History

                      28th December-3rd January

                      Rifleman Tom Plunkett and the death of General Colbert

                      Actions and Battles
                      British defeat French at Benevente (Leon), Lefebvre-Desnouettes is taken prisoner, 29 Dec 1808.

                      Action at Mancilla (Leon) Bessieres defeats de la Romana, 29 Dec 1808.

                      Action at Merida (Estremadura) Hill repulses Drouet d'Erlon, 29 Dec 1811.

                      Siege of Tarifa (Andalusia) Failure of Leval against Skerret and Copons, 29 Dec 1811.

                      Action between USS Constitution and HMS Java off the coast of Brazil, resulting in a US Victory, 29 Dec 1812.

                      British soldiers burn Buffalo, New York, 30 Dec 1813.

                      Caribbean island of Curacao captured by Captain Brisbane with HMS Anson and Arethusa, 1 Jan 1807.

                      Action at Sespina (Catalonia), Souham defeats O'Donnell, 1 Jan 1810.

                      The first shots in the long French wars were fired at HMS Childers from the batteries at Brest, even before war was declared, 3 Jan 1793.

                      Action at Cacabelos (Galicia). During a skirmish with Moore, Colbert is killed by Rifleman Plunkett, 3 Jan 1809.

                      Action at Mollet (Catalonia) Marquis of Campo Verde defeats Colonel Guery, 3 Jan 1810.

                      Pierre Villeneuve

                      Henry Blackwood, captain of HMS Euryalus, a 36 gun frigate at Trafalgar, later Rear Admiral, 28 Dec 1770.
                      Franciszek Ksawery Drucki-Lubecki, Polish politician, 28 Dec 1778.

                      Dorothea Lieven, Russian noblewoman, 30 Dec 1785.

                      Pierre-Charles-Jean-Baptiste-Silvestre de Villeneuve, French Admiral, 31 Dec 1763.

                      Georges Cadoudal, French Politician, leader of the Chouannerie during the French Revolution, Royalist conspirator
                      , 1 Jan 1771.

                      Louis Gabriel Suchet

                      Josiah Wedgewood, Master potter and creator of a huge Business empire, 3 Jan 1795.

                      Jean Joseph Amable Humbert
                      , French general, 3 Jan 1823.

                      Louis Gabriel Suchet, 3 Jan 1826.

                      French Republican Calendar

                      Convention of Tauroggen between Russia and Prussia, 30 Dec 1812.

                      The treaty of Basseino is signed by Wellesley and the Peshwa; the nominal head of the Mahrattas. The alliance led to war with Sindhia and Bhoslee and eventually to Wellelsley's recall from India, 31 Dec 1802.

                      Act of union between Britain and Ireland, 1 Jan 1801.

                      Napoleon abolishes the French Republican calendar, 1 Jan 1806.
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                        This week in Napoleonic History

                        4th - 10th January

                        Battle of New Orleans, 8 January 1815

                        Actions and Battles
                        Desperate five hour night-time combat off Guadeloupe saw HMS Blanche 32, finally take French Pique 36 at the cost of the life of Captain Faulknor
                        , 5 Jan 1795.

                        Commodore Hood in HMS Centaur captures the strategic island of Diamond Rock off Martinique, 7 Jan 1804.

                        British forces under Baird and Sir Home Riggs capture Capetown, 8 Jan 1806.

                        British forces under Pakenham defeated by US forces under Jackson at New Orleans, 8 Jan 1815.

                        Action at Lugo (Galicia) Soult engages Moore, 9 Jan 1809.

                        Capture of Fort St. Philip (Catalonia) by Suchet, 9 Jan 1811.

                        French under Suchet defeat Spanish under Blake at Valencia, 9 Jan 1812.

                        Stephen Decatur

                        Claude Martin, French then British General, 4 Jan 1735.

                        Jacob Grimm, German philologist and folklorist, 4 Jan 1785.

                        Stephen Decatur, American naval officer, 5 Jan 1779.

                        Joseph Bonaparte, older brother of Napoleon, King of Spain, 7 Jan 1768.

                        Michel Ney, French marshal, 10 Jan 1769.

                        Louis Baraguey d'Hilliers

                        King Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies, 4 Jan 1825.

                        Samuel Huntington, US statesman, 5 Jan 1796.

                        Joseph Radetzky von Radetz, Austrian field marshal, 5 Jan 1858.

                        Louis Baraguey d'Hilliers, French general , 6 Jan 1813.

                        Edward Pakenham, British general, 8 Jan 1815.

                        William Carr Beresford, 1st Viscount Beresford, British general and politician, 8 Jan 1854.

                        Karl Freiherr von Müffling, Prussian field marshal, 10 Jan 1851.

                        Nelson's Funeral

                        The Spanish Admiral Gravina promises Decres of the French Navy, 30 Ships for the war effort against Britain, 4 Jan 1805.

                        British 'orders in council' respond to Berlin Decrees, 7 Jan 1807.

                        Treaty of Jassy, between Russia and Turkey, thus ending the war of 1787-92, 9 Jan 1792.

                        Admiral Lord Nelson receives a State funeral and is interred in St. Paul's Cathedral, 9 Jan 1806.

                        The marriage of Napoleon and Josephine is annulled, 10 Jan 1810.
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                          This week in Napoleonic History

                          11th - 17th January

                          HMS Endymion and USS President

                          Actions and Battles
                          Captain Sir Edward Pellew (HMS Indefatigable) defeats the French ship Droits de L'Homme off Ushant. The French ship runs aground with terrible loss of life, 13 Jan 1797.

                          Action at Ucles (Galicia) Victor defeats Venegas, 13 Jan 1809.

                          Action at Tarrega (Catalonia) Henriot defeats Campo Verde, 13 Jan 1811.

                          Bonaparte defeats Alvintzy at Rivoli, 14 Jan 1797.

                          Action at Valls (Catalonia) Campo Verde defeats Palombini, 15 Jan 1811.

                          American frigate USS President (44) defeated by HMS Endymion (40) within sight of Long Island, New York, 15 Jan 1815.

                          Moore defeats Soult at Corunna, 16 Jan 1809.

                          Evacution of Moore's Army from Corunna, 17 Jan 1809.

                          USS Viper taken by HMS Narcissus off Havana, 17 Jan 1813.

                          Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies

                          Samuel Bentham, English mechanical engineer, 11 Jan 1757.

                          Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies, 12 Jan 1751.

                          Mikhail Speransky, Russian reformer, 12 Jan 1772.

                          Elisa Bonaparte, younger sister of Napoleon, 13 Jan 1777.

                          King Stanislaw II August Poniatowski of Poland, 17 Jan 1732.

                          Emma, Lady Hamilton

                          William Wyndham Grenville, 1st Baron Grenville
                          , British politician and Prime Minister 1806 to 1807 as head of the Ministry of all the Talents, 12 Jan 1834.

                          Emma Hamilton, 15 Jan 1815

                          Sir John Moore, British General, 16 Jan 1809.

                          Trial of Louis XVI


                          Daring escape of HMS Juno, commanded by Captain Sam Hood, from Toulon Harbour, 11 Jan 1794.

                          Lamourette, Bishop of Lyons since 1791, is tried and guillotined. He had been taken prisoner by Republican troops on 29 Sept 1793 during the siege of Lyons, 11 Jan 1794.

                          The British Admiralty, by order in council is directed to institute an inquiry into the working of each department against corruption, 12 Jan 1792.

                          Lord Nelson finally separates from Lady Nelson, 13 Jan 1801.

                          Vizier Ali assassinates Mr Cherry, Captain Conway and others at Benares, India, 14 Jan 1799.

                          Treaty of Kiel between Sweden and Norway/Denmark, 14 Jan 1814.

                          Treaty of Treviso between France and Austria, 15 Jan 1801.

                          361 votes....a majority are cast for the death of King Louis XVI, against 360 for banishment, imprisonment or death with respite, 16 Jan 1793.

                          Maltese patriot Dun Mikiel Xerri, along with a number of other patriots, is executed. 17 Jan 1799.
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                            This Week in Napoleonic History

                            18th - 24th January

                            Robert Craufurd

                            Actions and Battles
                            Action at Rio Mayor (Portugal) Junot engages Anglo-Portuguese, 19 Jan 1811.

                            Wellington captures Ciudad Rodrigo, 19 Jan 1812.

                            Capture of Ferrol (Galicia) by Soult, 21 Jan 1809.

                            Crossing of the Sierra Morena (La Mancha) Joseph defeats Areizaga, 21 Jan 1810.

                            Action at Villanuova de Castilleros (Estremadura) Gazan defeats Ballesteros, 21 Jan 1811.

                            Capture of Olivenza (Estremadura) by Soult, 22 Jan 1811.

                            Battle of Frenchtown, also known as the River Raisin massacre, British forces under Procter defeat US forces under Harrison/Winchester, 22 Jan 1813.

                            French cavalry captures the Dutch fleet at Den Helder, 23 Jan 1795.

                            Louis Alexandre Andrault de Langéron

                            James Watt, British inventor, 19 Jan 1736.

                            Joseph Hormayr Freiherr zu Hortenburg, Austrian politician, 20 Jan 1781.

                            George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron (Lord Byron), British poet, 22 Jan 1788.

                            Marie-Henri Beyle (Stendhal) French writer, 23 Jan 1783.

                            Charles James Fox, British politician, 24 Jan 1749.

                            Louis Alexandre Andrault de Langeron, Russian general, 24 Jan 1763.

                            William Pitt

                            King Charles IV of Spain, 20 Jan 1819.

                            Christian VIII of Denmark , 20 Jan 1848.

                            King Louis XVI of France, 21 Jan 1793.

                            Claude Chappe, French telecommunications pioneer, 23 Jan 1805.

                            William Pitt, Prime Minister of Great Britain, 23 Jan 1806.

                            Robert Craufurd (Black Bob), British general, 23 Jan 1812.

                            Edward Pellew, 1st Viscount Exmouth, British admiral, 23 Jan 1833.

                            Execution of Louis XVI

                            Batavian republic proclaimed in the Netherlands, 19 Jan 1795.

                            Execution of Louis XVI of France at Place de la Revolution, Paris, 21 Jan 1793.

                            Convention of El Arish between French and Anglo-Ottomans in Egypt. War resumed after its repudiation, 21 Jan 1800.

                            Napoleon leaves Spain for Paris, 24 Jan 1809.
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                              This Week in Napoleonic History

                              25th - 31st January


                              Actions and Battles
                              Action at Mohrungen (Polish front) Bernadotte defeats a Russian force under Markov, 25 Jan 1807.

                              Siege of Badajoz (Estremadura) by Soult and Mortier. (The town which is defended by Menacho falls on the 11 March), 27 Jan 1811.

                              Action at Alcala la Real (Andalusia) Sebastiani defeats Areizaga, 28 Jan 1810.

                              Napoleon defeats Blucher at Brienne, 29 Jan 1814.

                              Horatia Nelson

                              Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, French marshal, later King of Sweden, 26 Jan 1763.

                              Horatia Nelson, daughter of Emma Hamilton and Horatio Nelson, 29 Jan 1801.

                              The Charging Chasseur by Théodore Géricault

                              Edward Jenner, British physician, 26 Jan 1823.

                              Théodore Géricault, French painter, 26 Jan 1824.

                              Samuel Hood, 1st Viscount Hood, British admiral, 27 Jan 1816.

                              Augustin Daniel Belliard, French general, 28 Jan 1832.

                              King George III of the United Kingdom, 29 Jan 1820.

                              Paul François Jean Nicolas Barras, French politician, 29 Jan 1829.

                              Henri Gratien, Comte Bertrand, French general, 31 Jan 1844.

                              Pride and Prejudice

                              The London Corresponding Society is founded, 25 Jan 1792.

                              Rum Rebellion, the only successful (albeit short-lived) armed takeover of the government in Australia, 26 Jan 1808.

                              Pride and Prejudice is first published in the United Kingdom, 28 Jan 1813.

                              The first purpose built lifeboat is launched on the River Tyne, 30 Jan 1790.
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                                This Week in Napoleonic History

                                1st - 7th February

                                Admiral Sir John Duckworth

                                Actions and Battles
                                Soult captures Seville, 1 Feb 1810.

                                Blucher defeats Napoleon at La Rothiere, 1 Feb 1814.

                                British forces under Sir Samuel Auchmuty capture Montevideo, 3 Feb 1807.

                                British capture Guadeloupe, 4 Feb 1810.

                                Capture of Peniscola (Valencia) By Severoli, under Suchet, 4 Feb 1812.

                                British forces capture Ceylon, 5 Feb 1796.

                                Action at Malaga (Andalusia) Sebastiani defeats the Spanish, 5 Feb 1810.

                                French under Victor besiege Cadiz, 5 Feb 1810. (It was to last two years until 9 Feb 1812).

                                Admiral Duckworth defeats Laissaque's French squadron off Santo Domingo, 6 Feb 1806.

                                Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord

                                Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, French diplomat and statesman, 2 Feb 1754.

                                Ludwig von Wallmoden-Gimborn, Austrian general, 6 Feb 1769.

                                Ugo Foscolo, Italian writer, revolutionary and poet, 6 Feb 1778.

                                Pasquale Paoli


                                Pasquale Paoli, Corsican patriot and military leader, 5 Feb 1807.

                                John Reid, British army general and composer, 6 Feb 1807.

                                King Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden, 7 Feb 1837.

                                Dagobert Sigmund von Wurmser

                                France declares war on Great Britain and United Provinces, 1 Feb 1793.

                                King George III orders Naval Academy at Portsmouth to be Royal Naval College, 1 Feb 1806.

                                Mantua surrenders to the French, 2 Feb 1797.

                                The first Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland assembles, 3 Feb 1801.

                                William Pitt resigns as Prime Minister after 17 years in office, having fallen out with George III over concessions to Roman Catholics, 3 Feb 1801.
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