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    Greetings one and all,

    I am new to the forums, and I am looking for information on the ranks and uniforms on the ranks and uniforms of the Royal Horse Guards (Blue) during the Napoleonic Era.
    I would be grateful for any help, as Google has only got me so far.

    Thanks in Advanced!

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    Hi T…

    I was about to correct you with you having added ‘Royal’ to the Horse Guards. Then on the following URLs I saw it mentioned. Nonetheless, I have my doubts.
    I can’t speak for the Napoleonic Era…, but today’s term the ‘Household Cavalry’ is relatively new and used to represent the Life Guards and the Blues and Royals who are now one regiment. (but they still keep their old uniforms, ranks and traditions)

    I’m former Foot Guards and I’m not surprised you have difficulties with the rank system ! All very odd !
    I had an excellent URL published by them with all the ranks but can’t find it for the time being. I’ll have another look later on.

    …, Iain.


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      I missed this post and It's probably a bit late now. The Royal Regiment of Horse Guards (Blue) had a rank structure more confusing than just about any other regiment, horse or foot.

      I'll give you a rundown of the ranks but they are not the same as within the rest of the army as they saw the rest of the army as the "ordinary army"

      You would have a structure thus during the Napoleonic wars:

      Regimental Staff
      1 Colonel
      1 Lt. Colonel Commanding
      1 Major
      1 Adjutant
      1 Paymaster
      1 Surgeon
      2 assistant Surgeons
      1 Veterinary surgeon

      Each Troop
      1 Captain
      1 Lieutenant
      1 Cornet
      1 Troop Corporal Major (from 1804)
      1 Troop Quartermaster*
      3 Corporal of Horse
      3 Lance corporal of Horse
      1 Trumpeter
      1 Farrier
      47 Troopers.

      *The rank of Troop Quartermaster was abolished in 1810. The Quartermaster position became a single entity, regimental commissioned rank.

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