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    Concerning Napoleon, Wellington and Blucher, during the Waterloo campaign, what would you consider as their good and bad points, and where do you think they could have improved. Also if you had a chance to have a few words with them, what advice would you give on the 15th June 1815.
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    Don't know about the other two, but at about 5pm, I'd probably tell Boney to RUN LIKE HELL !


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      I would tell Boney, just after breakfast, that Wellington was a bad General and that the English were poor troops. Just before kick off I'd sidle up and whisper in 'is teapot....

      "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."
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        Napoleon was still the better commander. He was just so heavily out numbered with the arrival of the Prussians and so ill served my his own Marshals that he didn't stand much of a chance.

        If only Grouchy had marched to the sound of the guns. Back to Napoleon....

        And if Ney hadn't led that charge.
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          good: professionalism. ego.
          bad: occassional cautioness. ego.

          "Beware the French attempt to take the strategic initiative and manuver for the central position. Delay and withdraw if Davout and Suchet are on the field with the Emperor.'


          good: tenacity of fighting spirit.
          bad: tendency to retain inferior subordinates.

          " Do not be overawed by the Emperor's reputation.The Marshal's who can beat you decisively are not with the French.'


          good: sheer tac/strat brillance.
          bad: ego and probable battle stress.

          " In the name of GOD delay and recall those fighters you know who can win... Davout.. Suchet and even Murat; we can shoot the latter later."

          ecce lobo


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