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    I hope nobody minds my intrusion here but I thought it would be the best forum for seeking an answer.

    I've started a little bit of reading on cavalry tactics and there seems to be two schools of thought. At one end is the use as mounted infantry, At the other end, is the use as shock action with the "arme blanche". I've tried to google this term but with no luck.

    What is meant by "arme blanche" and how does it apply to cavalry tactics?

    As always, your comments are most appreciated.

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    I looked in "With Cannon, Musket and Sword", by Brent Nosworthy and there are several references to "Armes Blanche".

    Apparently, it refers to the cold steel of a bayonet, lance, sabre or sword.
    The Lance was described as the "most murderous of all the armes blanches". (P. 297)
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      Thank you Cambronnne, that certainly makes sense. I guess it was the direct translation to "white weapons" that initially threw me. After some thought, it makes sense as applies to cold steel.

      Initially after posting I had second thoughts whether this was the appropriate forum or ACW's. The reason being I don't know if cavalry used as mounted infantry was a concept much put into practice during these times. By the time of ACW, it seemed to have been, Buford at Gettysburg comes to mind.


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        The closest translation to arme blanche is edged weapon.


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          French is not my first language, but how does 'naked steel' or 'cold steel' (thnx Canuckster) sound?
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