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  • British Army In Spain

    If you entered the British army in 1807, just in time to join Wellesley in Spain, what branch would you have liked to have joined?
    Also what unit would you have preferred.
    light infantry
    line infantry
    light cavalry
    heavy cavalry
    royal engineers
    exploring officer

    The poll is expired.

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    Exploring officer.
    Matches best with my preference for an outdoor life, individuality and wish to hold a position where one man can make most of a difference.

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      Line Infantry for me!

      I will get to destroy the enemies of the Crown!


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        Exploring officer, intelligence work, liaising with the Spanish partisans, spying on French movements behind their lines in British uniform, on a trusty, corn fed horse.
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          I went with the Light Infantry. I would like to be assigned to the 95th Rifles. Maybe I could teach Sharpe how to shoot.
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            Originally posted by Zouave View Post
            I went with the Light Infantry. I would like to be assigned to the 95th Rifles. Maybe I could teach Sharpe how to shoot.
            While you're at it, maybe you could show him the proper way to wear his shako, you know, with the peak down.

            Sorry, couldn't help myself, I'll disappear now.


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              Medical for me. Although I'm know fully comited to History I was a First Aid specialist while I was in the army back in '97.
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                Light infantry!

                I would have to go with the light infantry in this one because I believe they were recruited on the basis of intelligence and the ability to think on their own and act accordingly, and to fight in any number of situations under all conditions, oftentimes when isolated and stranded.

                Also my natural agility and high energy level would enable me to be very decent as this skirmisher, though I'd need extensive target practice as I'm not the best shot!

                So I'd probably seek to join the 95th Green Jackets or the Hessian Jaegers if they would accept me, which is very debatable in itself. Though it's the whole flexibility/versatility and self-reliance factor that I find most intriguing, along with the quasi-guerilla aspects to many of their methods and devil-may-care attitude that I'm sure many had that might appeal to me.

                So the light infantry it would be, as I'd love to fight alongside both Captain Sharpe and his huge Irish sidekick Sergeant Harper (though of course when compared next to those two hard fighting bastards I'm basically powder puff and soft as ****!)!
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                  I'd go Cav, probably heavies, because I'm not handsome enough to be a Hussar. Anyway, my dad's main point of study is the British Cavalry in Spain and he'd probably disown me if I did anything else
                  And it's over the mountain and over the Main,
                  Through Gibralter, to France and Spain.
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                    As a lifelong Oxfordshire lad I'd have joined the 1st Battalion of the 52nd (The Oxfordshire) Regiment of Foot. This was the first regiment to be converted to light infantry in 1803 (52nd (The Oxfordshire) Regiment of Foot (Light Infantry)) & along with the 95th Rifles & the 43rd formed the first Light Brigade at Shorncliffe under Sir John Moore.

                    The Regiment went to the peninsula with Sir Arthur Wellesley in 1808, served under Sir John Moore to Corunna & returned to the Peninsula as part of the new Light Division under Robert Craufurd in time for the famous 250 mile (the last 52 miles in 26 hours) forced march to arrive hours late at Talavera. The regiment served right through to Toulouse & then again to fight the Imperial Guard at Waterloo .

                    The Regiments Battle honours (bold) & other combats -

                    Vimiero - 21st August 1808
                    Corunna - 16th Jan 1809
                    Douro- 12th May 1809
                    Busaco - 27th Sept 1810
                    Casal Novo - 14th March 1811
                    Sabugal - 3rd April 1811
                    Fuentes de Onoro -3rd-5th May 1811
                    Ciudad Rodrigo - 9th-19th Jan 1812
                    Badajoz - 16th March-6th April 1812
                    Salamanca - 22nd July 1812
                    Burgos - 19th Sept-22nd Oct 1812
                    Vittoria - 21st June 1813
                    Pyrenees - 25th July- 2nd August 1813
                    San Marcial - 31st August 1813
                    Bidassoa - 7th-9th October 1813
                    Nivelle - 10th November 1813
                    Nive - 9th-13th December 1813
                    Orthes - 27th February 1814
                    Tarbes - 20th March 1814
                    Toulouse - 10th April 1814
                    Waterloo - 18th June 1815

                    Much honour & many a tale to tell for one who survived all that.
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                      The 52nd, a very fine regiment, and don't forget their flank attack on the Guard in the closing stages of Waterloo, a fine manoeuvre under Sir John Colbourne.
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                        I am too old and fat to be in the Light Infantry or Line Infantry. I would need a big horse to carry me, so that leaves the Heavy Cavalry! I would have loved to serve in the Inniskilling Dragoons or Scots Greys. In a perfect world I would have raised my own Rifle Regiment in Ireland or Scotland, but I would have used the Ferguson Rifle not the Baker.

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                          Went with Light Cavalry. I have already done so for the French Army in another poll so I guess I should be consistent with myself. I admit that I largely like both because of the Hollywood versions I have seen.
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