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    You have been appointed to command the land forces in Spain(this could be British/Allied or French C in C), you get free rein to choose your commanders and the units you want to take with you, so what would you opt for? would you choose differently from what historically happened?
    And for the French army, we shall assume that Napoleon saw sense and appointed a commander in chief for all of the Spanish campaign.
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    For the French,....Soult.

    Send him in with three corps of infantry and one of cavalry with supporting artillery and I think the war in Spain could have gone better for the French.

    For the British,...old Arthur the Iron Duke is hard to beat and give Costanos (sp?) command of the Spanish allies under Welly's tutalage.
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      For the French: Suchet

      For the Spain/Portugal/UK: Moore or Wellesley


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        The British army; i would have kept Picton, Craufurd, Hill, Cotton, Von Alten, Graham, Le Marchant.
        As for the troops, i would have asked for as many Irish battalions as possible, 95th rifles, KGL, 1st foot guards, 33rd foot, in fact any British line regiment, both infantry and cavalry. And as many RHA and Royal artillery companies as possible, with a good siege train.

        The French army; i would employ, Suchet, Massena, Foy, Lasalle, Davout, L'heritier, Milhaud, Morand.
        The troops would be any line regiment, both cavalry and infantry, but i would demand at least some lancer regiments, both guard and line and dragoons, and as many 12 pounders that could be spared.
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        Admiral Lord Nelson


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