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Favourite Nap Pic

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    Keith Rocco painted some good ones also

    The Great Gate of Hougoumont

    French Carabiniers and Russian Hussars at the Battle of Borodino

    Charge of the Cuirassiers at Eylau

    The Chasseurs of the Guard at Austerlitz, 1805


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      Boonierat, what are you doing reposting my paintings? Just kidding. Keep up the good work.
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        I feel I must add something from russian side :-)

        IMO most impressive battle view is "Battle of Borodino" panoramic painting by Franz Roubaud
        Here is the link (sorry, it is too wide to be placed here)
        Unfortunately internet can't reproduce its impact - it is really huge - people are depicted in their real size or even more sometimes!

        As for more modest (in size of course) paintings there are my favorites:

        "Who will win?" by Victor Mazurovski

        Certainly greatest russian battle painter Vasili Vereshchagin couldn't miss this period. I picked three of his works.

        "Wait! Let' em come closer!" by Vasili Vereshchagin

        "Napoleon Near Moscow, Waiting for a Boyar Deputation." by Vasili Vereshchagin

        "Bayonets! Charge! Hurrah! Hurrah!" by Vasili Vereshchagin

        "Cossacks pursue retreating Frenchmen" by Auguste-Joseph Desarnot. This one is interesting for me because the author depicted his own capture - you can see him laying in the foreground.

        "Russian cuirassier in the European Campaign of 1813-1814" by Bogdan Villevalde
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          Originally posted by Cap. Teancum View Post
          I wonder which, if any of this painters, ever saw any real action? Who were the war painters? Are there any known to us?
          Edouard Detaille served in the French Imperial Army in the Franco-Prussian War ( 1870-1871 ). He obtained a staff position at the start of the war which would provide him with an indelible experience to observe the hostilities of war first hand.

          Ernest Meissonier was attached by Napoleon III to the Imperial staff and accompanied him on two occasions: during the Franco-Austrian War ( Italian campaign of 1859 ) and at the beginning of the Franco-Prussian War. During the siege of Paris ( September 19, 1870 - January 28, 1871 ) he was colonel of a regiment de marche, one of the improvised units thrown up in the chaos after the fall of the French Second Empire.

          "Bataille de la Moscova ( Borodino )" by Louis François, Baron Lejeune. As aide-de-camp to Marshal Berthier, he took an active part during the Napoleonic Era, which he made the subjects of an important series of battle paintings.

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            Rambow, thank you for bringing the russian art into this discussion. This are some awsome paintings aswell.

            Zouave, this is the kind of information that helps us put pictures into a context. Some of the paintings we love are just fiction work, meaning, that the artist never saw the frontline. This is why, I think, it's great to know which painters did actually see what they painted.
            There's a great book by Peter Burke, Eyewitnessing : The Uses of Images As Historical Evidence, that explains exactly how important this issues are.
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              Lots of good pics here!

              Here's my addition.

              I was looking for a pic to add that I can't find. It's of the French fighting their way across the Old Stone Bridge into Regensburg on their way to Austria. If anyone else finds it before I do, please post it!
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                BATTLE OF TRAFALGAR
                BY AUGUSTE BALLIN

                BATTLE OF AUSTERLITZ
                BY FRANCOIS GERARD
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                  Naval Art

                  Alright so they are some covers of the Aubrey/Maturan series but I still like them...

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                    Some books have very great pictures on the cover, it helps sell the book i think.
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                      "Hougoumont" by Robert Gibb.

                      The small Chateau of Hougoumont stood before the extreme right of the Allied position at Waterloo. Napoleon planned to draw Wellington's reserve to the Allied right flank in defence of Hougoumont and then attack through the centre left of the British and allies front near La Haye Sainte. The Duke of Wellington formed the view that the Chateau was the key to his flank and garrisoned it with the light companies of the Coldstream ( 2nd Foot Guards ) and 3rd Foot Guards ( Nassauers, Hanoverians, Brunswickers, KGL and British Guards held the woods around the Hougoumont Chateau ). Wellington had placed Lieutenant-Colonel James MacDonell of the Coldstream Guards in charge at Hougoumont, with the words "defend the post to the last extremity". This MacDonell certainly did and Hougoumont was not taken in nearly nine hours of continuous fighting.
                      The battle of Waterloo started with a furious attack upon Hougoumont. This first attack failed and it set a pattern for the rest of the day. The French next attacked to the west of the farm, where the open ground was held by the 3rd Foot Guards. They were overwhelmed and forced to retire through the North Gate pursued by the French. Hougoumont nearly fell when a determined attack by Sous-Lieutenant Legros - nicknamed "L'Enforceur" or "The Smasher" - wielding a huge sappers axe, managed to break through the gate ( see picture ). Despite trying to shut the gate, 30 Frenchmen forced their way through. Lieutenant-Colonel MacDonell called on three Coldstream officers to help him close the gate, they were joined by Cpl. James Graham and his brother Joseph, also a Corporal, and four men from the 3rd Foot Guards. Between them they managed to close the North Gate and secure it. All of the Frenchmen who entered, apart from a young drummer boy, were killed in a desperate hand to hand fight.

                      Hougoumont, at the end of the battle...

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                        112TH REGIMENT IN BRUSSELS, 1803-1804
                        BY KEITH ROCCO.

                        I particularly like Rocco's work ever since i saw it on "Waterloo-Napoleon's last battle" a PC game by Strategy first.
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                          Paintings by Mark Churms.

                          "Charge of the Union Brigade ( battle of Waterloo - 1815 )"

                          "Lasalle at the battle of Wagram - 1809"

                          "Le Guepier Espagnol, Spain 1808". Depicting French dragoons searching Spanish guerilhas during the Peninsular War.

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                            Napoleonic paintings by Horace Vernet.

                            "Battle of Jena, 1806". Depicting Napoleon reviewing the French Imperial Guard at the battle of Jena.

                            "Battle of Wagram, 1809"

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                              Some of my favourite Gillray prints.

                              Charles James Fox in revolutionary dress
                              flogs William Pitt as the streets run with blood
                              and figures (Canning and Jenkinson)
                              hang from the street lamps.

                              (Published 20th October 1796)

                              A little Napoleon Bonaparte throws a tantrum after being unable to either defeat Britain, or bring her on side. - Printed in 1803

                              “The Plum Pudding in Danger,” coloured etching by James Gillray, 1805
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                                Alright. I'm kind of suprised that some of these weren't already posted.

                                Emperor of the French: Jacques-Louis Davis

                                Bonaparte Before the Sphinx: Jean-Leon Gerome

                                Napoleon Crossing the Alps: Jacques-Louis Davis

                                Napoleon on his Imperial Throne: Jean Auguste Dominique

                                Napoleon's retreat from Moscow: Adolph Northen

                                Napoleon retreating from Moscow: E. Meissonier

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