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  • Originally posted by artilleur View Post
    Merci amazing pictures about prussian heavy cavalry.

    I post my own treasury two pictures from BNF GALLICA library digital...

    an other pictures Garde du corps and brandenburgisches kurassiers....

    I can t find any informations about Heavy prussian cavalry during 1813 and 1814...

    Not engaged?

    In June 1813, the Garde du Corps, East Prussian, Silesian & Brandenburg Cuirassiers formed part of Roder's Reserve Cavalry Brigade.

    At the start of August 1813, the 3 Cuirassier regiments were still in Roder's Brigade in the Army of Bohemia as part of von Kleist's Corps. The Garde du Corps were in von Werder's Brigade as part of Count Gallitzin V Reserve Cavalry.

    The Cavalry served at Leipzig - they were still in the Brigades as at August - though Roder's Brigade was now commanded by von Wrangel as Roder now commanded von Kleist's Reserve Cavalry.

    At some point in 1814 -the 3 Cuirassier regiments were split apart with the East Prussian & Brandenburg Regiments still serving in Wrangel's Briade, whilst the Silesian Cuirassiers were in Haake's Briagde (all still under von Kleist's command). The Garde du Corps still served in the Guard cavalry Brigade attached to Gallitzin V.


    • Prinz Essling

      Thanks for these informations about prussian heavy cavalry.


      • Searching for Correct Title of Picture

        I need help in identifying a picture. Attached is a picture on a new stamp from Mozambique of a French cuirassier in battle. It has two captions, so obviously one or both of them are incorrect: "200th Anniversary of Battle of Borodino 1812" or "Murat's Charge at Eylau 1807". Has anyone ever seen this picture and can tell me who created it or which battle is depicted?
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        • austrian artillery

          here are some pics
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          • french carabiniers

            some pics...
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            • unusual unform

              dragons 1798
              cuirassier foot service
              carabinier blue costum
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              • italian napoleonic kingdom

                Prince eugene de beauharnais the vice king from italian kingdom...

                Splendid guard
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                • Here are some more pictures that may be of interest. I may have posed them before, but then again, I have posted so many over the years that I can't remember.

                  I hope that you will be glad to know that I should 'after much delay' be having my A3 scanner delivered today and will hopefully be posting Parquin related illustrations very soon. UPS better honour their delivery date this time as they had promised to deliver on the 27th/28th of last Month

                  ‘Tis said his form is tiny, yet
                  All human ills he can subdue,
                  Or with a bauble or medal
                  Can win mans heart for you;
                  And many a blessing know to stew
                  To make a megloamaniac bright;
                  Give honour to the dainty Corse,
                  The Pixie is a little shite.


                  • Artist Igor Dzis.
                    Italian and Swiss campaign of Suvorov 1799.

                    St.Gotard, September, 13 1799

                    1. The squadron trumpeter of the 9th hussars' Erdedi's regiment (Austria).
                    2. The chasseur of the Bagrations' chasseurs' (7th) regiment (Russia).
                    3. The sapper of the Nazimov's pioneer company (Russia).

                    Zurich, September, 16 1799

                    1. The dragoon of the 17th dragoons' regiment (France).
                    2. The sub-ensign of the musketry company of the musketry Markov's the 1st (Muromsk) regiment (Russia).
                    3. The trooper of the 46th linear semi-brigade (France).

                    The siege of Mantya, April to July of 1799

                    1. The seressaner of the regiment of the national border (Austria).
                    2. The artilleryman of the first vacant artillery regiment (Austria). 3. The drummer of the Durasov's artillery company (Russia).

                    Trebbia, June, 8 of 1799

                    1. The officer of the Couriers corps (Russia).
                    2. The field-officer of the grenadier Rozenberg's (Moscow) regiment (Russia).
                    3. The Cossack of the Don Cossacks regiment (Russia).

                    Trebbia. June 6, 1799

                    1. The bugler of 8th Light Infantry (France).
                    2. Trooper 1st Cisalpine Hussars (Cisalpine Republic).
                    3. Colour bearer of the 3rd Battalion of the 1st Polish Legion (Cisalpine Republic).

                    Mutten Valley, September 20, 1799.

                    1. Guides of the Massena (France).
                    2. Chef de brigade of the line infantry (France).
                    3. Grenadier NCO of the musketeer Miloradovich's (Apsheron) regiment (Russia).

                    Constance, September 26, 1799.

                    1. Private, Noble Cavalry regiment of the Duke de Berry (Russia).
                    2. Chasseur, Bachmann's Swiss regiment (Britain).
                    3. Fusilier, Roverea's Swiss regiment (Britain).

                    Novi, August 4, 1799

                    1. Colour bearer of the 4th Infantry (Deutschmeister's) regiment (Austria).
                    2. Officer, 24th Chasseurs a Cheval (France).
                    3. The dragoon of the 3rd dragoons (Archduke Johann's) regiment (Austria).


                    • Vladimir

                      it's splendid

                      I have posted Austrian artillerymen..

                      Thanks for these pictures.



                      • I search some informations about Austrian artillerymen, eventually, in 1799 -1815, pictures and some texts or explications about their uniforms and organisation if it's possible...

                        Many thanks to all



                        • Originally posted by artilleur View Post
                          I search some informations about Austrian artillerymen, eventually, in 1799 -1815, pictures and some texts or explications about their uniforms and organisation if it's possible...

                          Many thanks to all

                          Initially there were 3 Field Artillery Regiments (1st, 2nd & 3rd Feldartillerie-Regiment). In 1802 a 4th Regiment was formed. In 1807 the Regiments were given territorial titles.

                          The 1st became the Bohemisches Feldartillerie-Regiment. In 1801 it had a strength of 22 companies; 2 companies were added in 1815. The 2nd became Niederosterreichisches Feldartillerie-Regiment - in 1797 it had 20 companies. The 3rd became Mahrisches Feldartillerie-Regiment. It had a strength of 20 companies. The 4th Regiment became the Inner-Osterreichisches Feldartillerie-Regiment - it was formed in 1802 with 16 companies - 6 companies came from the 1st Regiment, 4 companies from the 2nd Regiment, 4 companies from the 3rd Regiment, and 2 companies from the disbanded Artillery Fusilier Regiment (which provided untrained labour for the guns).

                          Note all 4 Regiments comprised 4 battalions, each with 4 companies.

                          Will post some images.


                          • 1796 - Austrian Artillery Uniforms

                            1796 - Austrian Artillery Uniforms
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                            • 1812-15
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