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  • Originally posted by vladimir Pantin View Post
    Do you mean the Danish Division of the 11th corps of the Grand Army?

    thank s a lot for these pics it's a dream for me...

    your collection is a sweat dream for me...




    • a sweat dream for me...

      "sweet" cher ami !

      "To hell wars Grudges and parties ! As our fathers Sing in real friends, The clink of glasses Roses and lilies. The clink of glasses Roses and lilies."


      • et oui desole quand on telephone tout en ecrivant...

        toutes mes excuses


        • He says he sorry for being on the
          phone when he is writing...

          I think.


          • tou think right

            i apologize for my english


            • Something new... Maybe!!!

              Anyone seen these yet?
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              • guess not... here are some more;

                Austrian Uhlan

                Austrian Dragoon


                • For the record, those are from a modification for the game Mount&Blade Warband that I'm working on. It's called L'Aigle and is set in the year 1809. It's not released yet, but it'll be free once it is, though you will be required to own the base game (Warband) to play it.

                  If it interests anyone, you can find information and a lot of images here: L'Aigle: Napoleonic Warfare



                  • That is why I was asking because I had a feeling it was
                    one of our members... now I know...

                    Very good


                    • Hello,

                      I search some informations about the uniforms of the bavarian landhusaren.
                      Who can help me ??
                      Many thanks ....



                      • landhusaren

                        here is a link to the bavarian army (cantler)
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                        • land husaren

                          the trumpeter
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                          • here is a bavarian hussard
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                            • I've always had a thing for the Colonial infantry regiments of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands (1815).

                              If you are wondering, this is cadet-flanquer Johannes Abraham Vonk, in the uniform of the 19th (Colonial foot). This painting was made in 1817 - A year later, Vonk will be dead.
                              All colonial regiments had the same uniforms, but do note the black is actually faded dark blue.

                              And a uniformjacket that lived trough the ages:


                              • I am quite new to this part of the forum and quite out of my element here. I read that some of these uniforms cost anywhere from 200 to 300 francs and were quite expensive to maintain. This is for one solider. I understand it is part of the times, but what was the main motivation for such extravagance (and in some cases impracticability) of these uniforms? Don't get me wrong they are really amazing, but it just seems like a lot of people were going hungry and each military of that time had uniforms the could have fed many. Were the colors to distinguish forces on the battle field?
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