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    • The attached picture shows an Officer of the French Imperial Guard ‘Rouge Scouts’ 1814.

      This is a new one to me, so has anyone got any details of this unit?

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      • think there must be some mistake.
        Look who wears a royal crown on the "horse blanket"
        I tend towards an Garde de Honor
        I consultants in another forum


        • Can you tell me the particular book to which the engraving, to see if others can clarify something


          • Originally posted by ximo View Post
            Can you tell me the particular book to which the engraving, to see if others can clarify something
            Found here.



            • Originally posted by ewpeyia View Post

              Having seen the book, on the first page of warning, says there are many erroneous uniforms and others who do not even exist.

              One of them I guess that is the question.

              It is a collection of watercolors made ​​for decoration and not for the study of the uniforms.

              Anyway if I find "something" I inform you immediately.

              Just discovered a new unit of the Grande Armee


              • I do agree with you Ximo,

                plate 5 shows a dutch grenadier of the imperial Guard, tenue 1800 (maybe Bonaparte already dreamt of beeing crowned Emperor in 1800, but I'm not sure he already thought about including foreigners in his eltite corp at that time)


                • Handsome uniform

                  I am partial to this uniform, as it hangs in my hall way. It is a famous lithograph and I would love to identify the uniform.

                  I have a second painting of a very similar uniform, perhaps a lesser rank.
                  I was told to find a member named Zouave, who hangs out here, as we suspect it is a zouave uniform. If you see him send him my way.
                  I'd love to know all the details about these soldiers.
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                  • first picture

                    This is the lithograph.
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                    • Hello Frank

                      Sorry I can not help you, but not is a Napoleonic uniform.

                      For to be, it can be in many countries, France, Italy, Papal States, USA, Spain were among the countries that had Zouave units in the late nineteenth century.

                      By simple intuition I start looking for as a unit of Italian volunteers of the era of unification, but I say it's a simple intuition


                      • I think the uniform is French. At least the table in the second picture I would describe as French Empire style. But I don't know for sure. Maybe Zouave knows better. He is an expert on that topic.


                        • Doesn't look like a zouave, the pants are too tight.

                          Who wore pearl gray uniforms at that time (1860s-70s)?


                          • Captainfrank51,

                            Neither of them is a zouave.

                            The first one is a mystery to me (give me some time to research), but he's not a zouave of any nation.

                            This one...

                            ... is a French officer of hussars (late 19th century).

                            Take a look...

                            Officers of the 4th and 5th French Cavalry Divisions (1891)

                            1) 2)

                            1) Colonel Gaudin of the 4th Hussars.
                            2) Colonel Bellegarde of the 2nd Hussars.

                            I know, guys... This is the Napoleonic Era forum. We will get back to the Napoleonic stuff soon.
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                            • Lejb-Kirasir regiments in attack.
                              Fragment of a picture "Borodino", the artist P.Hess.


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