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Which was the most powerful allied army ?

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  • Which was the most powerful allied army ?

    I vote for Russian army

    What's your opinion ?
    Austrian army
    Prussian army
    Russian army
    British army

    The poll is expired.

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    if power means fighting ability, I would have to go with the Russians as well. They were the most tenacious of Napoleon's opponents.
    From my reading, it seems that Russians were far more willing to fight to the death than any other army.
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      I vote Russian army too, Napoleon once said "if my army had a Russian heart i could conquer the world," big, big, big mistake invading Russia in 1812.
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        Well hell then.... lets just make it four in a row....the Russkie devils it is.


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          Well sorry I'm going with the British army. Russians were good 'cose they faught on home turf with General Winter on their side and they seemed to have more soldiers than any other army. So numbers and weather doesn't cut it for me.
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            I voted for Russia because they had a large Army. I would say that Arthur Wellesley was the best General for leading an Army. The main role for the large period of pre and after Napoleon for Britain was as a financier of European countries fighting the French. Arguably the British could not afford a large Army, Navy and fund the Europeans..

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              I picked Austria because they kept coming back and forcing Nappie to face them.

              His first real defeat was Aspern, and the Russian/Prussian forces needed them in 1813 to beat the Ogre.


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                Originally posted by grognard View Post
                I picked Austria because they kept coming back and forcing Nappie to face them.
                Although I voted for the Russian army as the most powerful army, I must agree with grognard that the Austrians never gave up and kept on taking arms against the French (from 1792 onwards !!!)...and at the end, they became a much more better, flexible and modern army !!! They learned from their mistakes eventually...

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                  I'm not really for voting for the Russians. In reality, their main contribution was drawing Napoleon deep into Russia, where the land and weather did the most terrible damage. Even before the first major battle was fought, the Grand Army had lost half their numbers to disease, desertion, etc. And this was before the disastrous winter retreat. In terms of actual battle victories, the Russians did relatively little, except lend their weight to the final defeat of Napoleon after 1812.

                  In terms of actual fighting, the Austrians and the Prussians did much more of it, and suffered much more from it as the many battles were fought over their own territories, and they saw a lot of their lands being parceled out by Napoleon after their defeats. The Austrians, especially, fought some little known battles that hurt Napoleon, even before he embarked on his Russian misadventure, such as the Battle of Eckmühl. The Prussians, on the other hand, did much but contributed little until the final battle of Waterloo.

                  So, of all the armies, I would say the British did the most. Their campaign in the Peninsular was not enough to defeat Napoleon on their own, but contributed to the attrition process. (The Royal Navy is not considered here, but the single most important British contribution to ultimate victory.) And then, of course, they fought the climatic battle of Waterloo (mostly, with very significant but late assistance from the Prussians).


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                    I would say Russian, for they were the biggest, and one of the more harder fighting armies. They were present at most of the battles in Europe and accomplished alot more at Austerlitz then the Austrians did.

                    But, the British navy would have gotten my vote, for it was the only thing that Napoleon never defeated.
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                      British army in my opinion !!

                      reason !

                      they bid beat both the Russians and the French .

                      did your parents have any children that lived numb nuts??


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                        the British got my vote just like oguko said the weather and dieseases in russia killed lots of the grand army. Ill equiped to be in the russian winter. disease killing and injuring solders. causing very low morale. There never seemed to be any real fighting until most of this struck. weak low-moraled Grand army against a numerous high moralled Russian army (seems uneven to me). Russian army i didn't think did nearly as much as the British and the royal navy did in these military terms.
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                          Britain is fighting this one and is only one vote away from the Russians. Common people let's do some justice to the men in the red coats.
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                            It's no contest really is it?
                            Every time His Grace The Duke of Wellington took the 'scum of the earth' into the field the froggies got slotted.
                            Who was that bloke wot said?...

                            "Wellington is a bad General and the English are bad troops."

                            If memory serves he said it the day his Empire ended?
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                              Glad you decided to post about this and with a fantastic quote.
                              All warfare is based on deception.
                              Sun Tzu - Art of war - Chapter One - Laying Plans


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