Hello All,
My name is Ashley and I am the one that moved the forum to its new hosting location. This was done for security reasons and try to keep the forum from going down every other day. I understand that the new forum looks very different from the old one but I promise almost everything you had before you still have it might just be in a different place.

Items that are gone due to a limitation of the new hosting/ forum update:
- Awards
- Flags

As I was going thought your posts I was able to fix a lot fo the issues you were listing. Below is kind of a running list of issues an what is fixed and what I am still working on.

Items that I have fixed from your comments:
- Smilie are now working.
- Color/Theme changes
- Signature are now showing up. (Here is how to edit them
- Ranking is now showing up.
- Private messaging is now working.

Some issues I am still working on are:
- Missing items from the Calendar
- Like button the posts is giving an error.

One other note I have seen a lot is theme/color related items. I know this is important to all of you but at the moment the most important thing was getting you back a functioning forum with as many features I can get you back from before.

Theme/color is something we can change but it the moment I do not have the time and resources to fix all of the issue and design the site. I did do some theme updates yesterday but it is very time consuming. Please just be patient with the forum as we get it back to as close as I can to what you had before.

If anyone has any issues that they are running in to please let me know in the post below. Please give me as much detail as possible .
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War of 1812 - Robert Ross

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  • War of 1812 - Robert Ross

    In a small corner of County Down, Northern Ireland there is a monument to one of those historical figures that played a big part in past events and was well remembered in his time. Nowadays its almost forgotten, his name not too well known and his exploits less well.

    On a trip back home I took time to visit Ross' Monument, a magnificant obelisk dedicated to the man that as his plaque states "Conquered in America". Its a tremendous imposing structure worthy of his exploits. I suppose we Irish like our English heros (Check out the Phoenix Park monument to the Duke of Wellington).

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    Originally posted by Mark McShane View Post

    . I suppose we Irish like our English heros (Check out the Phoenix Park monument to the Duke of Wellington).

    Unless his name was Horatio Nelson and had a column in Dublin
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      There is a very good book on Ross and the attacks on Washington and Baltimore titled The Man Who Captured Washington: Major General Robert Ross and the War of 1812. It was co-written by John McCavitt and Christopher T. George. McCavitt is from Ireland and George is a transplanted Brit living in Maryland.

      Ross was actually considered a national hero in Britain after his successful attack on Washington, but he faded from memory as British historians ignored the small war with the U.S. in favor of writing on the war with France. The monument deteriorated from lack of care and vandalism, but was cleaned up for the bicentennial of the War of 1812.

      They point out that during World War 2 there were United State troops stationed in the area of Rostrevor and give a funny claim from the time. They state: "According to oral tradition in the village, a passing U.S. Army tank took a potshot at the general's monument, though missing its target."

      Here are two you tube videos covering Ross's monument.

      Aerial view of monument.

      Commemorating writing of Star Spangled Banner.
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