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Two Jaffa Museum Artillery Pieces.

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  • Two Jaffa Museum Artillery Pieces.

    Two Jaffa museum artillery pieces:

    "The museum also displays two impressive cannons found during underwater surveys of the bay at Dor. The actual canons are exhibited on replicas of the original wooden carts. They were part of the equipment thrown into the sea at Napoleon’s order when his defeated army was camped on the beach on the night of May 21st, 1799."

    “The smaller canon was in French use after it had been captured by the French army in one of its wars with Spain. The inscription on the canon relates that it was cast on December 12th, 1793 in Seville (south Spain) for the army of Carolos the Fourth, king of Spain, using copper from Lima, Peru.”

    Additional photos:

    “The Turkish cannon bears the Ottoman emblem of the moon-crescent and star. This was one of the Muslim cannons lost to the French during the battle of Jaffa. These weapons were only a small part of the artillery cast into the sea. We learn this from letters and diaries of French soldiers that endured that horrible night on the beach. Lois-Alexander Bertheir writes: “…Bonaparte decided that all the means of transport would be preferably employed for evacuating the sick and the wounded. He had 22 canons thrown into the sea.”

    Additional photos:

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    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tughra of Selim III (1789).

    The Turkish cannon bears the tughra (Ottoman Turkish: tuğrâ), a calligraphic monogram, of Selim III (Ottoman Turkish: Selīm-i sālis) (24 December 1761 – 28 or 29 July 1808) the reform-minded Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1789 to 1807. It was therefore cast during the ten year period 1789-1799.


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      The "cannon" in the front of the main photo and the subject of the ones in the links is not a cannon but a howitzer. It appears to be a copy of a howitzer from the French Gribeauval system. The carriage is entirely inappropriate
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        Indeed, MarkV, it is a howitzer. The Spanish system of artillery of the Nap era was a copy of the French Gribeauval system of 1764. It would appear to be a Spanish copy of the obusier de 6 ponce M. 1764. See:

        I am trying to obtain additional info about both pieces from the museum. When received, I will post it on the Forum.

        The text I quoted was NOT mine. See:

        The stmt. concerning the two carriages is also inaccurate.



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