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  • Unknown Uniforms

    Found these two prints on a Russian website and haven't a clue as to nation, regiment etc. can anyone help?

    Gerry McGinty

    Hope this works this time

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    answer one

    picture 26441871.jpg contains the gendarmerie d'ordonnance this was a guard unit
    i will try to answer the question for the other picture


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      i think the second picture is a uniform of a french artillery unit
      the uniform is bleu with red piping and red collars this was the color cheme for artillery in the french army
      i dont now wich unit it is YET


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        i think i found the unit (marine artillery)
        see picture
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          The first is probably the short-lived Gendarmes d'Ordnance of the Guard as they are in dark green with black leather equipment. No line chasseur a cheval unit wore aiguillettes, as that was a Guard privilege. The white plumes are also a giveaway for this units.

          However, the sky blue facings were not part of the uniform of the Gendarmes d'Ordnance and that is curious and probably an error. The only line chasseur a cheval unit that had sky blue as a facing color was the 16th, but they didn't wear aiguillettes.

          The infantry are most probably the naval artillery that formed four large infantry units in Marmont's VI Corps in 1813. Their uniforms, including their overcoats, were dark blue-the overcoats having them mistaken for Guard infantry (along with their sterling performance in the field) by allied units.

          However, the naval artillery regiments wore black leather equipment in 1813, not white.

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            Unknown uniform

            Thanks gents for your ideas - very helpful and informative.

            Best regards

            Gerry McGinty


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              Take this with a HUGE grain of salt, but they looked German to me. Maybe Brunswickian?
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                I'm not sure they even had an artillery corps, and if they had, I doubt they took French uniforms and a French cockade.


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                  the first picture is off the gendarnerie d'ordonnance the plates are out of books like :hourtuille and the encyclopedia of napoleonic uniforms the artists in these books are all referring to trusted artist of the past
                  this means the trumpeters and drummers of the gendarmerie d'ordonnance were wearing licht bleu facings and the marine artillery were wearing white belts
                  check the information
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                    for casper

                    the brunwick had artillery see the picture
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                      marine artillery

                      here are two pictures of the marine artillery in 1813 out of the book from hourtoulle
                      this author dit checked his sources before painting
                      it would be beter if the people who give feedback dit the same
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