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Westphalia light infantry in spain

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  • Westphalia light infantry in spain


    I'm looking for any good infos about the Westphalia light inf officer uniform in the Peninsula campaign .
    I got also a question. In some illustration the officers wears a gorget, quite usual among the german rgt .. Any clue if they were use to bring the gorget even in spain ?

    Thank you ..


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    here are some pics by the artist Bueno most of his uniform plates are copys from uniform plates of contemporary artist (el guil)
    as you can see the officers are all wearing gorgets
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      Thank you repd..
      Even if in this plates are depicted line infantry and artillery, i presume that even the lights regiments were use to wear gorget..


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        From what I have read, their is no mention of gorgets in the explanation of the uniform; this doesn't mean they weren't worn. In other Pictures (and model figurines) I have seen, officers of infantry and Artillery, they are wearing gorgets.

        Here are a few pictures that I have

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          Thanks Dibble
          In what you say there's the reason of my doubts about gorgets. We know in the peninsula many uniforms rules were broken due to the harsh ongoing of the campaign and to the almost total lack of supplies and new uniforms.. So it's not unusual to see "flamboyant " uniforms.
          I'm working on 54 mm figure , wich i will sculpt soon to cast in resin copies , and i want to be sure before release it on the market .. At 90 % .. I 'll go for the gorget on half-regular uniform..

          thanks again


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