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The Lines of Wellington

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  • The Lines of Wellington

    The great Chilean director Raul Ruiz died before filming began on his latest epic. Now it's about to get its Venice premiere, with his widow in the director's chair
    Anybody heard of this film being made? and John Malkovich as Wellington????

    Raul Ruiz and the ghosts on the battlefield | Film | The Guardian

    The Lines of Wellington - Linhas de Wellington - Les Lignes de Wellington
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    John Malkovich as Wellington thats a bad
    fit if I do say so...

    Let me state that is just my opinion...


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      Originally posted by Post Captain View Post

      No but I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this picture.
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        How can a man with no distinguishing nasal features be called "Ol' Hooky"?
        Dont they have make-up artists in Portugal?


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          Mostly Portugese

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            The last clip is not from the film.


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              Originally posted by njjl View Post
              The last clip is not from the film.
              Have you seen the film? Specifically I want to know if they have reused the "Waterloo" movie footage.


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                Yes I did.
                No, they didn't.


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                  I'm not sure how well John Malkovich will do in this role. But I'm not going to judge him based on previous roles. After all, amazing performances have come from unexpected actors such as Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight and Michael Keaton in Batman.


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                    The two guys behind "wellington" alone make my interest die


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                      I can see Malcovich do Napoleon, but not Wellington. You need some high born dude play The Lord.


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                        Malkovich is a fine actor but not as Wellington. Couldn't they get Hugh Fraser?
                        Also they guy they got to play Massena appears to be 25 years younger than Wellington when in actuality Massena was older.

                        I'll probably check it out.
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                          So when is this coming out?


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