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    A Very Wonderful & Useful Site!

    Originally posted by General Brock View Post
    More stuff on the Airfix game...

    Description of the Battle;

    Construction & painting guide;

    and the Game rules;
    A Thousands thanks for this link, "General Brock"! I only wish I could give you another "Rep" point for it - but sadly, "computer says NO" *@$*!

    Never mind the link for the "Waterloo Wargame" - The links to the entire Airfix Wargaming Pages are absoloutely BRILLIANT & very, very HANDY - I have ear-marked this page for future reference.

    An Excellent POST!


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      Never mind the link for the "Waterloo Wargame" - The links to the entire Airfix Wargaming Pages are absoloutely BRILLIANT & very, very HANDY - I have ear-marked this page for future reference.
      Me too...


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        mounted or dismounted

        Here's something to keep the conversation going:

        I'm trying to figure out how to setup some French Dragoons from Perry Miniatures. I've decided the mounted figures will be based in twos, but it's the dismounted figures I'm not sure of. Should these dismounted figures be put on the bases in pairs, as if in squadrons (and like skirmishers), or four to a base like the line and guard infantry? And, how historically accurate would this preserved formation be?

        Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions.



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          What set of rules and figure scale are you using?


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            I'd like to stay with 28mm for figure scale.

            My friends and I have been using Black Powder, Lasalle and a few others that are similar for rules. Most of these tend to standardize the unit size as related to their base size. This is easy enough to figure out when you know the unit is infantry or cavalry or artillery, but the Dragoons are a little different. They rode and charged in squadrons, but did they maintain this formation on foot or did they combine squadrons to form something closer to a company in size?



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              Actually for figure scale I meant 1:50 or 1: 20 that sort of thing. My
              understanding is that BP rules dont rely heavily on a specific figure scale so
              long as both sides are similar.

              There are some instances of semi-permanently dismounted dragoons being
              formed up as infantry and their numbers in a regt (4 sqdns) were similar to
              those of an Infantry Regt so they were clearly heavily reinforced when this
              was done as their numbers were far less when mounted.

              French cavalry had 2 companies per squadron, 3-4 sqdns per regt. This
              would mean 8 companies per regt as opposed to the infantries 6 companies
              per battalion. When operating as dismounted cavalry, Dragoons had 1 in
              4-5 as a horse holder. I havent been able to find out how they actually
              fought, but I suspect because of the relatively smaller numbers in a
              mounted squadron that when operating dismounted they would have to
              stay in squadron to ensure enough men to maintain some formation with

              I would have the Dragoons mounted in the same numbers as dismounted by
              ignoring horse holders and have them fight in 4 sqdns rather than the 8
              companies. For permanently dismounted dragoons, I would have them
              based as per a normal french infantry battalion but with 8 companies. Of
              course all this is highly opinionated and I am sure whatever you feel suits
              your level of "need for historical accuracy" will be fine.


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                Thanks for your insight and opinion Nappyfan.

                You brought up some good back ground and confirmed some points that I was familiar with. The battles we've fought haven't had any dragoons yet, but I’ve been looking at bring some to the field. You're comments will defiantly be considered when it comes to putting them on bases.

                Any other question if you would indulge me, please.
                I actually haven’t had a chance to read through any rules, but have there been any rule sets that accommodate the Dragoons’ transition between moving on horse back and then dismounting and fighting as infantry? And could this be represented by two sets of figures (mounted/dismounted) on the table or would this get too confusing?

                Thanks again.

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                  I just noticed I referred to the French having 6 companies per Battalion, of
                  course this would be after 1808. Before that you would need to check the
                  date because there were at least two different organisations for infantry
                  companies per Battalion that I know of.

                  I am not very familiar with lots of rules, but most US Civil War sets deal with
                  dragoons mounted and dismounted, so if your fav nappy set dont do it well
                  enough try incorporating the Civil Rules specific to Dragoons as an amendment.

                  I dont think having two per base would be that confusing so long as the
                  opposition were aware. It might prove to be better to be two based if you
                  want horse holders to be allowed for. However, if you could, I think the
                  standard 3 or 4 based sub-units might avoid some niggling little problems.
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                    Thanks Nappyfan.
                    Again You bring up some good points. Looks like I'll have to do a little more research on how effective the French Dragoons (or any dragoons) were when mounted as compared to dismounted.



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                      The title of this thread implies that models of our favourite era might be a point of discussion (or presentation). So here's my small contribution.

                      This Grenadier is 120mm built many moons ago, but it is on display in a local hobby shop.
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                        very nice job napschasseur.

                        My own work (still in progress) with Perry 28mm old guard:

                        "To hell wars Grudges and parties ! As our fathers Sing in real friends, The clink of glasses Roses and lilies. The clink of glasses Roses and lilies."


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                          Very nice, VC. I am waiting for someone to do them in full dress (plastic).

                          It is enjoyable to look at other painting styles and to take away some new ideas. Thanks.


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                            Thanks VieuxChat.
                            Your pieces are looking very good too. I've not worked on anything so small, but I'd like to for the gaming my friends and I do. Till then, I’ve got a few more Historex pieces to keep me busy. If only I turned off the computer once in a while.



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                              Duroc first aide-de-camp of Napoleon

                              So, gentlemen, let's go to an Hamletic doubt. Which version of uniform would you choose to create a 54 mm miniature of Duroc, first aide-de-camp of Napoleon first consul on 1800? Rigo proposes a total blue uniform considering that Duroc had been an artilleryman. But there is an engraving by Isabey and Carle Vernet in which the colors are red, black and white. Who was right in your opinion?
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                              "To the brave the rifle is nothing but a bayonet's hilt" (Napoleon)


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                                A Small & Short Tribute to René Betgem: “Mr Waterloo”

                                I first came across the following amazing and incredible “Waterloo” Website quite some years ago. But, when I looked for it again, it had disappeared and gone! Lost Forever, I thought! Fortunately, and quite by accident, I’ve only just found it again, the other day, and I thought it would be appropriate to share it with all the very nice people here at this wonderful ACG.

                                I’ve only added a few images to this POST, as a little taster or teaser, because I would prefer you all to visit this wonderful, brilliant and amazing website, yourselves.

                                Mr Waterloo”, is quite probably the best miniature modeller, and figure-painter, around these days, and the results of his skills and art, have to be seen to be believed – I just thought I ought to bring him to all your personal attentions, via the following three links:




                                And the Miniatures Waterloo Page:


                                Have fun & enjoy!
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