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    Another Boardgame

    And here another boardgame: Stratego:Waterloo
    G'day Jason,

    We tried out your Stratego: Waterloo last week and came up with a few questions concerning actions, how many, by whom and how.

    1) Artillery - each side has three actions and firing artillery takes one action. Could a single artillery piece move (1 action), fire at two square range (for example) thus killing the target (1 action) and then fire at a target three hexes away (1 action) for a total of 3 actions? Or, can artillery move 1 square and fire as one action, move and fire as a second action and then move and fire as a third action? Understandably, the above cases would both use all three actions for a player that turn.
    2) Artillery (reload) - guns can only fire 'forward' out to three squares away. Can an artillery unit change its facing so it can fire to the side or rear and thus still 'forward'? If yes, does the change in facing take an action?
    3) Could a single cavalry unit ( for example) move three squares forward (1 action), then move five squares to the right (1 action) then move two squares forward and attack an enemy unit (1 action)?
    4) Infantry and Cavalry - as above but could single unit move and attack 3 times thus using three actions.

    That's it for now. If we have more question for middle and advanced games I'll drop a note?

    Oh!!!! How soon before we see an expansion for the entire Napoleonic period with Stratego. Fast playing, loads of fun.

    The Purist

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