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Second Legionnaire of 2eme REP killed

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  • Second Legionnaire of 2eme REP killed


    A Sergeant of the EPR killed when a loud snapping in Afghanistan
    A sergeant in the 2nd REP was killed this afternoon by splinters of a rocket drawn by a RPG-7, in the province of Kapissa in Afghanistan. Non-commissioned three other officers were injured in a loud snapping with the insurgents shot. These people belong to the PAG (parachute commandos group) of the regiment.

    According to the staff of the armies, "insurgents, severely tested, were put in vanishing".

    Snapping took place while the French army organized a medical consultation for the population of Payendakhel, on the civilian-military actions. About thirty insurgents attempted to seep and they fell to the protective implemented. Two helicopters Tiger combat and two F - 15 u.s. intervened in support.

    This snap went since Saturday, June 5, the GTIA of Surobi and a "kandak" (battalion) - Afghan national army total of 700 men - are engaged in an extensive operation, called Altor Libecciu, whose purpose is to ensure a presence of long duration in the South of the Tagab Valley.

    Initiated by France, called Task Force Altor, GTIA is reinforced by the the second EPR of Calvi, Legionnaires as well as the 1 RHP and the 17th RGP

    The death of this non-commissioned officer is Legion to 43 many French military killed in Afghanistan, including 7 since the beginning of the year. On these 43 dead, 22 were in snapping and 8 by explosive devices improvised (EEI).

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