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German Army back of the lines

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  • German Army back of the lines

    There are many photos of German soldiers away from the front lines.
    For now the poster at has put up 45 photos and there is supposed to be many more to be posted. They are not combat photos; they are personal photos that ended up in Russian hands.
    Here are a few of the photos.

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    Excellent site! Thanks for sharing!.
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      Originally posted by johnbryan View Post
      Excellent site! Thanks for sharing!.
      Thank you General, Sir. I will be posting here any updates to this unique collection of photos. I like because of wide range of military topics he writes about; mostly true personal war stories from veterans or their relatives. And it is from these personal contacts that he gets these photos.


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        I had a quick look at the blogsite. My impression is that it is a a mix, some look like previously unpublished from private collections. One I definitely recognized as having seen before. fyi the one with the pipe "smoking" crew member inside the StuG.
        This was sort of a "joke" in the german forces, being photographed with a cold pipe/cigarette in or near tank or aircraft.
        As it was strickly forbidden to do so.
        IIRC I first saw that one in the German Modell Magazin Photo Archiv, that published these photos from private collections, not all WW II, back in the late 70s. So at a guess the photos might just come for private German
        collections of German soldiers. Would make more sense.
        Anyway a good find.
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