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    Great stuff, guys!

    That stuff seems to work, let your eyes go a little unfocused and they either fade out or look like a couple of smaller ships.
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      From Wiki caption: "Chieftain tanks of 14th/20th King's Hussars on parade with urban camouflage, Straße des 17. Juni, West-Berlin, 18 june 1989."

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        Although not really dazzle camouflage, I've always thought these were really cool.
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            Thats just horrid!
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              The original dazzle...

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                I'd be so dazzled by that one I'd more likely crash into the back of him!


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                  Originally posted by Dibble201Bty View Post
                  That dazzle must be good!

                  It's a P51A, with the Allison V-1710 engine

                  That's an F-51A.... Note the camera setup behind the pilot....


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                    SA Anti poaching unit spotter aircraft.
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                      HMS Argus:

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                        I have a WWII USN-generated history of camouflage around here somewhere. Must dig it out.
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                          Great photos! I really enjoyed looking at them. Thanks for posting them.


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                            Originally posted by Admiral View Post
                            USS Missouri

                            USS Alaska

                            USS Missouri & USS Alaska at Norfolk before their 1st cruise to the Pacific.

                            The schemes did cover even topsides of both vessels.

                            Neither ship is in Norfolk VA. Norfolk has no Mountains in the background.
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