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    Originally posted by Dark Castor View Post

    Well spotted HP - thought I'd wait and see if anyone saw the significance.

    A hundred years later, the Aussies are once more immersed in poppies.

    It was hard to miss. I guerss the eyes arn't that old after all.

    "Ask not what your country can do for you"

    Left wing, Right Wing same bird that they are killing.

    you’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.


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      HUEY / Fighter pilots

      Those Kiwis - no respect for Aussies - or fighter pilots.

      New Zealand helicopter pilot, Tim Costley, flies a Huey for the NZ Air Force - and has written a song (JET PILOT), and made a video clip, that's been seen 120,000 times since being posted 2 months ago:

      While training in Australia, Australian fighter pilots asked him to write a song about them. He said it was more a documentary than a song.
      "It's all satirical - there's always been plenty of banter between Huey and jet pilots. Unfortunately for them, we're better looking and much smarter."

      When posted to East Timor, he decided to make a video to go with the song, to feature during the 3 Squadron "Academy Awards" night.

      He has now made JET PILOT available on Apple's iTunes music store - and set up a Facebook page under his new band name AIRTIME.

      He's hoping internet sales will recover the $35 it cost to make the video - he's getting about 30cents of the $1.79 fans pay to download the song.


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        I always liked this shot of a machine gun position (overlooking the Warburtons) on the top of SAS hill at NUI DAT.
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          Mai husband and I would like to bestow these medals . .

          Until the introduction of an Australian honours system - introduced in 1975 - Australians were awarded British honours.

          But once a year, Australia doffs it's cap, as the recipient of "The Queen's Birthday Honours List", which distributes Honours and Awards (both military and civilian) to worthy colonials - at the recommendation of the government, which is then approved by the Queen.

          The recipients of awards in the Australian honours system are published twice a year - on Australia Day and on the Queen's Birthday.

          About a week or so ago, 81 members of the Australian Defence organisation were recognised in the Queen’s Birthday 2008 honours.

          Although Australian military forces have continuously served alongside UN and US (and seldom British) forces, in nearly all of the world's trouble spots, there is still a reluctance to accept "foreign awards".

          So, here are SOME of the current awards distributed to the colonials, approved by the Queen of England.

          Vive la Republic - "a resident for president".


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            The origins of the ANZACs

            Frank Hurley was a famous war photographer - spanning two war zones
   He became the official Australian photographer on the Western Front and in Palestine in 1917-1918.

            This is one sample of his early colour photographs:

            He used the new Paget process of colour technology to great effect - showing the carpet of anenomes (poppies) to suggest the bloodshed of war. During this time it was also traditional to pick the battlefield flowers in memory of those killed - a symbol of commemoration and remembrance.

            Prior to this, he made two famous expeditions to record Mawson's and Shackleton Antarctic expeditions (1911-1916). He had to discard many valuable glass negatives in order to trek to safety after Shackleton's ship ENDURANCE was destroyed;thumbs=1)

            Hurley’s magnesium flare-lit photograph of the ghostly Endurance, ‘ a spectre ship set in a world of rime crystals,’ remains one of the most dramatic photographic images of all time.

            Hurley also covered World War II (1939-1945).

            He later photographed Tasmania's Frenchmans Cap forest, mountain and lake scenery, in startling 10" x 8" photographs, the equal to Ansel Adams' images.

            He died in the early '60s - but Frank Hurley was remembered briefly (1995-2000) with the annual photographic Hurley Awards, given out to regional newspaper photographers by Queensland's Griffith University Photography Department. His twin daughters presented the awards - in the shape of an iceberg. However lack of funding prevented continuation of the Awards.

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              French Foreign Legion - where are they now?

              These guys do get around - nowadays in (French) New Caledonia.


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                Some of these are pretty good.Especially the one froms Vietnam,Enduring Freedon,and Iraqi Freedom.


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                  Originally posted by Half Pint John View Post
                  It was hard to miss. I guerss the eyes arn't that old after all.

                  Such questions leave me with no alternative,for old times sake I have got to say,......Who? lcm1
                  'By Horse by Tram'.

                  I was in when they needed 'em,not feeded 'em.
                  " Youuu 'Orrible Lot!"


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