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National Security Archive on Cold War, Foreign Relations

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  • National Security Archive on Cold War, Foreign Relations

    HUGE archive of Cold War, Photo recon, Intelligence, Foreign Policy documents - recently declassified.

    "National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Books provide online access to critical declassified records on issues including U.S. national security, foreign policy, diplomatic and military history, intelligence policy, and more. Updated frequently, the Electronic Briefing Books represent just a small sample of the documents in our published and unpublished collections."

    Subject areas
    Latin America
    Nuclear History
    China and East Asia
    U.S. Intelligence
    Middle East and South Asia
    The September 11th Sourcebooks
    Humanitarian Interventions
    Government Secrecy
    Project Azorian
    The CIA's Declassified History of the Glomar Explorer

    For example, under the subject "Nuclear History", this is a sample of topics covered.

    The Air Force versus Hollywood
    Documentary on "SAC Command Post" Tried to Rebut "Dr. Strangelove" and "Fail Safe"

    Thirtieth Anniversary of NATO's Dual-Track Decision
    The Road to the Euromissiles Crisis and the End of the Cold War
    New Documents from the Archive's Nuclear Vault

    Nuclear Noh Drama
    Tokyo, Washington and the Case of the Missing Nuclear Agreements

    U.S. Intelligence and the Detection of the First Soviet Nuclear Test, September 1949

    Previously Classified Interviews with Former Soviet Officials Reveal U.S. Strategic Intelligence Failure Over Decades
    1995 Contractor Study Finds that U.S. Analysts Exaggerated Soviet Aggressiveness and Understated Moscow's Fears of a U.S. First Strike

    "How Much is Enough?": The U.S. Navy and "Finite Deterrence"
    A Moment in Cold War History when the Fundamentals of the U.S. Nuclear Posture Were at Stake

    The Iranian Nuclear Program, 1974-1978
    U.S.-Iran Nuclear Negotiations in 1970s Featured Shah's Nationalism and U.S. Weapons Worries

    The Nuclear Emergency Search Team, 1974-1996
    Declassified Documents Depict Creation, Capabilities, and Activities of Once-Secret Nuclear Counterterrorism Unit

    "The Impulse towards a Safer World"
    40th Anniversary of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty

    Air Force Histories Show Cautious Presidents Overruling Air Force Plans for Early Use of Nuclear Weapons
    From the Archive's Nuclear Vault

    In 1974 Estimate, CIA Found that Israel Already Had a Nuclear Stockpile and that "Many Countries" Would Soon Have Nuclear Capabilities

    The Algerian Nuclear Problem, 1991: Controversy over the Es Salam Nuclear Reactor
    1991 Controversy over Algerian Nuclear Reactor Led Washington to Seek Chinese Assistance in Pressing Algiers to Adhere to Nuclear Nonproliferation Goals

    U.S. Opposed Taiwanese Bomb during 1970s
    Declassified Documents Show Persistent U.S. Intervention to Discourage Suspicious Nuclear Research

    U.S. Intelligence on Russian and Chinese Nuclear Testing Activities, 1990-2000
    Prospects of Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Led China to Accelerate Testing Schedule

    How Many and Where Were the Nukes?
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    Excellent find...Thats some reading material. Many thanks.


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