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3rd AF, 48TFW Local Salty Nations

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  • 3rd AF, 48TFW Local Salty Nations

    I've been wandering around the internets for a few years occasionally looking for documents concerning 3rd Air Force Local Salty Nations conducted circa 1989 through 1994. I don't believe any were conducted in 1991.

    I'm particularly interested in anything originating from The 48th TFW /48th FW. I'm happy to obtain anything except blurbs from Public Affairs. It's amazing how something that created obsession bordering on mania among career types is almost a shadow of a rumor on the World Wide Landfill. I'm beginning to think I dreamt it all up myself.

    Of course any background information on the LSN's conducted during the above time frame would be appreciated as is any time and attention to this request.

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