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Operation TIGRESS: deception for counterintelligence and Britainís 1952 atomic test

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  • Operation TIGRESS: deception for counterintelligence and Britainís 1952 atomic test


    Hope this free access article is of some interest:-

    Britain tested its first atomic weapon on the Montebello islands, off Western Australia, in October 1952. This test, known as HURRICANE, was supported by an elaborate deception operation, one designed to deceive the Soviets about the date and the true nature of the test. This article examines this deception. It introduces Britainís post-war deception organisations, the London Controlling Section, later the Directorate of Forward Plans, and how they worked closely with Britainís atomic scientists from early in the Cold War. Their plans were complicated both by the Sovietsí success in gathering intelligence on Britainís nuclear programme, and by the Westís difficulty in gathering intelligence on Soviet dispositions. Nevertheless, they utilised a broad range of channels, both open and secret, to implement their scheme. The manner in which they operated suggests that the deception and intelligence machinery had clearly adapted their methods to the Cold War environment, but that the task was considerably more difficult than the one they faced in wartime.


    Andy H
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    Hi Andy thanks for sharing. I am always interested in learning new things. I don't know too much about British nuclear weapons. Nice to see Chapman Pincher, Donald Maclean and Klaus Fuchs mentioned. 3 prominent British names in Cold War History. Christopher Andrew is also a great source of information.


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