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U.S. Cyber Command Opens for Business

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  • U.S. Cyber Command Opens for Business

    U.S. CyberCom launches with first commander

    The mission of U.S. Cyber Command, or CyberCom, is to synchronize the Defense Department's various networks and cyberspace operations to better defend them against the onslaught of cyberattacks.
    more on CNET >;title
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    Well, this will be interesting; I wonder what their first priority will be and what their budgeting will be. Lots of politics there; who's going to be responsible for security failures locally, etc. And it looks like his charter is for military only, so what happens to civilian direction? Will there be any operational overlap with critical infrastructure like nuclear reactors, power and comms infrastructure (especially when they impact military facilities).


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      Just opened, and already under fire:

      From by Katherine Mangu-Ward.

      Meet Your New Commander-in-Geek - U.S. Cyber Command has no idea why it exists. A couple of short snips:

      On Friday, newly-created U.S. Cyber Command—that's USCYBERCOM to those in the know—got itself a general. One small problem: It's not clear that anyone, even four-star general and National Security Agency head Keith Alexander, knows what U.S. Cyber Command is supposed to do now that it exists. The commerical Internet has been around since about 1995, but in recent years folks at the Pentagon and White House seem to have been struck with a similar thought: "Hey, we should do something about those Internets, huh?" The longing for a cyber command of some kind dates back at least to President George W. Bush, and the project continued merrily along under President Barack Obama with the inexorable force of a government program that nobody really wants, but no one wants to be the one to kill.

      Alexander says he has only modest goals for Cyber Command for now. The glasses-wearing commander-in-geek seems to be content with the role of The World's Most Powerful IT Guy for the moment. But that's no bulwark against excesses by his successors—or his superiors, for that matter. "This is not about efforts to militarize cyberspace," he said in April. "Rather it's about safeguarding the integrity of our military system. My goal if confirmed will be to significantly improve the way we defend ourselves in this domain."
      The rest of the article is linked above.


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        Its a wonder this took so long as Cyber warfare will be part & parcel of future conflict, both conventional & unconventional.

        I'm sure the Military of other Nations will follow suite to match their capabilities against their foes soon enough.


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