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Bomb kills president of Iraqi Governing Council

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  • Bomb kills president of Iraqi Governing Council

    Another attack.

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    The apparent goal of this attack is to delay the transfer of power back to the Iraqi people. If transition is slowed, it plays into the hands of the terrorists and Saddam holdouts. These delays will only elevate tensions regarding the occupation. These terrorists would then leverage these elevated tensions for further recruitment, and justification of their actions.

    These terrorists have shown they are willing to kill their own people, and the citizens of friendly (to their causes) nations to achieve their ends.

    The problem for the Coalition (read US), is that the Arab press will likely underplay or ignore these events, as can be seen in their handling of the Berg incident. If it isn't in the news, it didn't happen. Therefore, they would likely only carry the story that the transfer of power did not happen when scheduled, or the Coalition did not de-escalate as promised, etc. The result would be increased anger, and likely actions against the Coalition, further advancing the cause of the terrorists.
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      Re: Bomb kills president of Iraqi Governing Council

      Originally posted by dannybou
      Another attack.
      not unexpected. as the handover date nears, the extremists will do everything to try to derail any sort of progress. they will use terror, assassination, sabotage, any form of violence and terror they believe will achive their ends - continued chaos, terror and destruction. they don't even necessarily want control, only they chaos that allows them to continue to do what they do.
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