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    What would be perfect IMO, would be a modernized AMX10 RC. 15 ton 6x6 with a medium velocity 105mm. There is a huge gap between an MBT's 120mm and AFV's with 25-35mm autocannon. While AT missiles can make up some of that, they are bulky and expensive and sometimes you just need a big HE round to destroy a building. The problem with any new military procurement program of any country is that it ends up gold-plated. Witness the F35 and Zumwalts. Something safe against 20-35mm autocannons would be sufficient.


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      I think that 14.5mm all around would be sufficient for an amphibious IFV with armor kit for the frontal arc and the suspension rated for a few tons heavier to allow for any later options.

      I would like to see a light tank variety of the IFV, with 25mm protection and either a reasonably heavy auto cannon like 40mm and a missile or rocket system or a 105mm gun.

      Preferably a 105 and with a turret that'll allow for reasonable elevation. Be nice to have a vehicle that can dual role as artillery.

      Of course I also have crazy ideas about those Israeli spike NLOS missiles and an IFV with a VLS system instead of the troop bay. Mobile light precision artillery and anti tank.
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